Sunday, 14 August 2016

Farzana Imran (WHRD) who is head of women Chapter and primary decision maker about the issue of women rights, she is working with LEAD from last four years. She has also under threats and got threats in forced marriages and domestic violence cases.Kidnapping Christian girls and forcibly marrying them with their kidnapper is the most common procedure for forced marriage and conversion  and in such cases the police are reluctant to take any legal initiative against the culprits.To target minorities girls in this way is a pleasurable activity for extremists criminals of Pakistan who wins sympathy of other majority by telling them that he has converted Christian girl .  Farzana says that there is no issues with a person who converts to another faith with her free will and get married with free consent, but when someone is abducted, forcibly converted and married then it is difficult to keep quiet and silence for the women’s rights and human rights activists in this regard is an act of sins for them and particularly for me. Farzana is continuously raising its voice for the defenseless Christian girls.  We at LEAD provide free legal assistance and advocacy to those victims of religious discrimination and sexual and domestic violence who can not afford to bear heavy legal cost of counsels etc and for their rehabilitation and psychological treatment after going through the trauma of violation.

Farzana Imran,Woman Human Rights Defender,Director Woman Rights Chapter:LEAD

Mr. Zulifqar Masih is a child rights activist who is actively involved in the protection and nurturing of the rights of children and minors who may be subjected various kinds of human right abuses. He works with LEAD-Legal Evangelical Association Development from last five years. He is an educationist and running a charity School, he is completely committed to cause of children’s rights. He provide children with the various basic needs like food, education, shelter and also play a crucial role in shaping the psychological and emotional health of the child. He is dealing with abandoned babies, street children, poor and neglected children, orphans, children of drug addicts, children of criminals, children of war victims, children abandoned and children of brick kiln workers and many other affected children. He also works with sexually abused children, children of sex workers of AIDS patients. He is working for several campaigns that are related to the welfare of children and the protection of their rights in the society specially children of brick kiln who become orphanage. His appeal for children’s rights protection. He requests stand and raise your voice for children because he believes ‘support a child and build a nation’.He has been chosen from 26 July 2016 as a main decision maker of LEAD.Contact him via:Mobile-+92 301-4193781;

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