Friday, 8 November 2019

The Systematic Religious Discrimination Is the Most Extreme Form of Religious Persecution

The topic of Systematic Religious Discrimination is an extract from the second edition of the book titled: RELIGIOUS LIBERTY OR FREEDOM-THE POWER AND THE ROLE OF THE WEST, which is written by Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender Lawyer. Christians are the most peaceful people of the world, why because they are being persecuted and they do not claim to take arm and they will fight with their persecutors until their persecution will be no more, except they are right to say, they will not sit quietly, if the authority cannot do anything, they will cry out loud and loud, will cry, and weep in front of the authorities of the world. The next protest will be in Europe and then in the US. If the government does not take practical steps to protect Christians and punish the persecutors, the protests will be spread all over the world. Letters will be written to embassies and rulers around the globe. The European Union in France, the human rights organizations in Belgium, will be protesting outside the United Nations buildings in the United States. The Christian population of the village will be seeking assistance from the United Nations. But they will never ever say that they will take arms and will fight them until their persecution is no more.
Most of the authorities and governments not only ignore the victims of systematic religious discrimination but also oppose to accept them as in the list of persecuted persons. Menial and Sanitary jobs only for religious minorities is the Government Policy to make them marginalized which is an act of religious hatred against people of other religions. To marginalize people of other religion by Government policy is also a religious persecution.   The systematic religious discrimination is a poisoning and a dominant tool for persecution whose purpose is of cleansing and genocide of people of a religion or faith by making them marginalized due to their belief system. Someone can ask how it works for cleansing and genocide of a religion or faith. It is very clear, survey those who are being persecuted by this dominant tool of the systematic religious discrimination. The adverse effects of this dominant tool of the systematic religious discrimination can be categorized in the following ways. The first group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and be forced to leave their faith. The second group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and be forced to leave persecuting country. The third group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and they try to defend themselves resultantly they further be suffered and harmed, if they will be alive, be forced to flee. The fourth group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and they limit their religious practices and activities; finally surrendered before the persecutors. This is the persecuted group who are not enjoying their religious freedom with full liberty. The fifth group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and they become a helping hand for the persecutors in some places or become silent on fellows’ religious persecution.
The defenders of religious freedom and persecution should advocate for the eradication of the systematic religious discrimination from the society at their first step because that is the aggressive tool in the hands of the persecutors. The West should have power to dominate those who are using this systematic religious discrimination as a blueprint for the genocide purpose. For doing this the meaning of persecution should be redefined, which is an actual persecution. In spite of all forms of systematic religious discrimination cum religious persecution in the genocide clamp, one cannot break the will of a man who insists on a dignified life trying to protect the gains made by paying heavy prices. In this context religion says: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? There is a way where Power should be used to protect persecuted and the west stop supporting persecuting nations and take decisive action to protect victims of systematic religious discrimination cum religious persecution. There are religious radicals and extremists in the regions of the globe who preach a barbaric version of their religion. It must be urged rejection of those who falsely and maliciously invoke religion or faith to spread agitation and hatred against other’s faiths or no faith.
Persecution as a response to religious belief is a violation of international law and requires a collective work to counter it. Where politics has become a religion, there discussion and debate for peaceful society becomes impossible, any controversy becomes heresy that involves persecution and so called holy campaign, mostly in non-Christian and Islamic nations where social justice is weak and biased. And no one can stay on sideline because conviction must be given a sign in order to avoid one is accused of heresy.

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