Wednesday, 21 August 2019

PREFACE of the book ‘Religious Liberty, Freedom, Power and the Role of the West’ written by Sardar Mushtaq Gill

Why, the writer has decided to write his second book on this topic ‘Religious Liberty, Freedom, Power and the Role of the West’, as the current collective struggle of nations for religious freedom on the initiative of the USA and the West. The writer is an advocate for religious liberty and freedom from last many years. He is aspiring to explain what religious liberty and freedom are; and what is the role of power for this precious right in the both ways to achieve it or to smash it. He thinks it should be highlighted the thing which is an important element for religious liberty, freedom and its practice’s guarantee. And why, where, and when, Power is needed to use to stop the violent religious factors. These violent religious factors begin to be the causes of religious persecution. 
In reference this book, Religious liberty means every human being has right to have and to adopt religion or forsake or change religion; and can declare himself as a non-Religion. Religious freedom means every person has right to practice his faith, belief, rituals and values without fear of hostility, and one's practice of religion be without persecution and hostility for others or freedom of no faith. All religions are not equal by faiths, teachings, observance of rituals and practices. Religion is a power in its manpower and all religions are not equal in their strength. Every religion has right to increase its manpower but no religion has a right to adopt a way of mistreating to increase its manpower and decrease other religions manpower purposefully. 

Man has hunger for power and some are continually in struggle to get authority for their survival in this hostile world. But some are contending to make themselves so powerful to overthrow others. This is the negative want to use of power against individuals. As the topic is religion, there are instances in the history of the world in which religion gained power and it strove to maintain peace and tranquility in society at large. There are also occurrences where religion won power and made hostile others to surrender under their religious dictations. In some places, it became hope for oppressed when oppressed were given equality and justice in public. In the present scenario, the role of the West should not be ignored in the world. It will be injustice with the West if someone not accept the truth that the West are the superpower nations and good news is that the status of superpowers are a hope for the oppressed of the world at large. Today the West can arm herself with the oppressed of the world who could be future’s instrumental power for her. It is appreciable that the West is already leading and striving the world for a place where the safety of human being at large will be more secure. It is also admirable that the West is taking it serious where religious liberty and freedom is at stake. When the West had beacon of Christianity, the West gave the world a visionary heritage. If the Christianity will lose its cultures and values in the western civilization, then there will be no civilization in the west and the world will be suffering more than now. 

It is true that the West was pure Christian nation and she was built on Christian faiths, values and practices. Christianity was the basic secret for her success as to be a powerful nation in the world. It is a caution for the West that she will not ignore Christianity its faiths, values and practices why because without Christianity she could not be in position to maintain its present status as a powerful nation in the positive direction and doing leading role in the world. The west used power to maintain peace, tranquility and safety not only for her own peoples but also for the world at large. It is also a cautionary advice for those the depressed, who were given status of equality in the society and they gained position to speak, don’t oppose the West’s Christian policies and its Christian status and values because of its Christian policies you are in the place where you have right to speak as a free man even you are in any corner of the world.
Christianity is the identity of the West and if the radicals with their faith based harmful factors and by winning the support of exclusive Secularism, non-Religion, and Atheism, those who are anti-Christians, will be successful to eradicate Christian faiths, values and practices from the West Nations, then the religious liberty and freedom will be only in books, and we know half of the World has already gone through such faith based harmful factors’ practices, where there they are in power due to its manpower/majority. Consequently, if the religion with its faith based harmful factors’ practices will be in power as Christianity now is powerful, then it will be harmful first for Christians and then for Secularism, non-Religion and Atheism.

The purpose of this book is to explain the right way to define religious liberty and freedom and how it to be protected and promoted in the world. Power is not a negative thing but its violent abuse can be hurtful for public. Religion's inharmonious practices can be hurtful for others. The duty of the Power is to restrain inharmonious factors of religion when they are harmful for others. As we don’t accept exclusive Secularism and non-Religion including Atheism, which is anti-religion. In the same way, we don’t accept religious liberty and freedom of any religion, which is anti-Christians, anti-Jews or anti other religion or non-religion, because of its hurtful practices the world will be in suffering.

The writer is a human rights defender lawyer from Pakistan. By faith he is a Christian and preacher of Christianity. He is a researcher of Christian persecution in Pakistan from last many years. He is advocating for religious liberty and freedom. He has worked for uplifting human rights and advocated for it by his advocacy and writing skill. In spite of his Christian faith, he has respect for others’ faiths and values. It is the duty of the reader to distinguish which religion has harmful factors and practices against humanity. 

This is the book in which the writer has taken the steps to define the elements of human rights at large and religious persecution so that this book could be helpful for all those who are advocating for human rights and the most precious right of religious liberty and freedom in the world. Because of this main purpose, it is necessary to write this book which could be beneficial for public at large. The writer is free to write the elements and their meanings according to his knowledge, wisdom and mind, which is for him, is for the improvement of the world decision making ability, critically, some may agree or disagree with the writer’s approach, but the purpose of the writer is to give a directive instrument in shape of this book and isn’t to hurt the feelings of anyone.

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