1.To provide free legal aid to persecuted ,to help and support prisoners and their families without any discrimination and difference of faith

2.To provide shelter to persecuted for their safety of lives.

3.To help morally and support to persecuted Pastors and Churches and other religious minority

4.To help widows ,needy ,orphans and poor.

5.To give advocacy to different professions and marginalized groups

6.To help and support in establishing schools for brick kilns and poor

7.To arrange seminars to make aware Religious Minorities with their 

religious,legal and political rights and duties

8.To arrange seminars and conferences on interfaith harmony

9.To voice against the violation of Human Rights and to raise the issue of 

forced conversion,forced marriage and honor killings. 

10.To speak against the discrimination on the bases of faith,caste and creed.

11.To support and promote religious liberty and freedom as mentioned in Article 18 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

12.To educate the students and teachers to prmote respect for others faith and to tolerate those whose faith and view are different then you by arranging seminars and workshops in Schools and other educational institutions.

"Our Fight is for the Rights of Humanity".
Sardar Mushtaq  Gill
Advocate High Court
Human Rights Defender