Saturday, 16 September 2017

An other blasphemy accused Christian sentenced to death and LEAD ask to repeal blasphemy laws

Gujrat: A Christian accused of committing blasphemy has been sentenced to death by a local court. Nadeem James, resident of Sarai Alamagir was accused of committing blasphemy in July last year. He was accused of sending blasphemous text messages to a Muslim.

The complainant Yasir Bashir, approached City Division Police Station of Sarai Alamgir. Consequently, on July 10, 2016 FIR number 301 was lodged against Nadeem James, invoking 295A and 295C of the Pakistan Penal Code. Shortly after the FIR was registered, Nadeem James fled while in his absence the police detained his two sisters.

According to family of the convict, Nadeem had been embroiled in blasphemy case because he had married a Muslim woman. Subsequently, the absconder was hooked by the Police and was being tried in District Jail Gujrat.

His trial concluded when the Additional Sessions Judge Irfan Haider sentenced him to death along with a fine of 3 lac Pakistani Rupees. In a 28 page ruling, the court stated that Nadeem James had sent blasphemous Whatsapp messages to Yasir Bashir.

Pakistan:Blasphemy laws-Slow poisoning genocide of Christians in Pakistan

A report compiled by LEAD-Legal Evangelical Association Development covering the period of twelve years of genocide of Christians in Pakistan by the so called Shari'ah-Blasphemy laws.

The Repeal Blasphemy Laws campaign holds that “blasphemy” laws are wrong in every ways for Christians:

They are inconsistent with and in derogation of Fundamental Rights

They endanger the security of person and property

They destroy the safeguards as to arrest and detention

They destroy the right to fair trial

They violate the human right to freedom of faith,religion and expression

They promote agenda of one faith and religion-Islam

They destroy the rule of law and equality

They instigate and enrage Muslims to attack Christians,to burn them alive and to burn their homes

They are overwhelmingly being used to settle personal vendettas and to settle their personal scores

They encourage to persecute Christians and for it the mere accusation of blasphemy is enough to make someone a target for hardliners, as is defending those accused of blasphemy or calling for the laws to be repealed.

They are not a pardonable offences in common and anyone who believes otherwise is also committing blasphemy, and must similarly pay with their life,but in practice for Muslims it is pardonable.

LEAD has three examples of such blasphemy cases in which the accused were Muslims and they set free from the blasphemy charges after granting pardon from Clerics and influential people inspite of the fact that the accused admission of committing blasphemy was proved.

Recently in early of this year a Muslim man Saghar Shehzad was arrested under blasphemy laws sections 295-A and 298-A.He was released from jail after granting pardon.

In the same way second case of blasphemy of burning Quranic pages was resolved by Muslim clerics and administration in 2013.

The third incident of blasphemy under accusation of derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad happened in 2005 and in the same way was resolved.

LEAD collected all these facts and dealt with a number of blasphemy cases of Christians and finally concluded that the main object of blasphemy laws is just a genocide of Christians in Pakistan,hence these laws should be repealed at every cost for the survival of Christianity in Pakistan.

LEAD asked national and international human rights groups and Churches to lobby for the repeal of the blasphemy laws because they destroy all human rights even which are guaranteed by the Constitution Of Pakistan as fundamental rights.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Killings of Christians in Pakistan and accusation of blasphemy are unbridled

PAKISTAN- LEAD got confirmed the killings of three Christians within the month of August 2017. Due to the personal and religious interests, grudges, money matters, or property issues, Islamic state and non-state actors allege Christians those results in confronting massively killing, shamefulness and troubles and threats of victimization by blasphemy laws.

Lahore- A Christian prisoner,Indaryas Ghulam  (38 ) a victim of circumstance was sentenced to death by hanging for alleged involvement in the death of two Muslim men who were lynched in the aftermath of the Lahore Twin Church Bomb attack in March 2015. On 13th August, the wife of Indaryas was called by local police and informed that her husband had passed away. When the wife saw his dead body, she was shocked at the number of bruises and cuts on his body - a clear indication of the brutality faced by Indarayas from police and prison staff. Indaryas was also suffering from Tuberculosis a disease he contracted only 3 months prior to his arrest in March 2015, Indarayas was never provided proper health care and carried his poor health with dignity never letting his children know how much pain he was in. To date no reason has been given for his death simply a statement that he died of poor health.
BOREWALA- Sheron Masih, resident of Chak-461/EB, wanted to leave the school during recess for home but his Muslim class fellows Ahmed Raza and other, did not let him go.Then they tortured him severely and kicked and punched Sheron, who collapsed on the school premises and later he was died at the Burewala Tehsil Headquarters Hospital.

It is confirmed that the Police have registered a case against Ahmed and his other accomplices under section 302/34 of the Pakistan Penal Code,the Headmaster expelled from school, while accused escapes. Sheron Masih was pressurized at School by his Muslim class fellows to accept Islam and remained worried on this pressure.

HAFIZABAD- A Christian man namely Sharif Masih ,resident of Village Kalianwala of District Hafizabad, on Thursday 31th August,stabed to death by a Muslim landlord Muhammad Asif after his refusal to work at his fields.The case FIR has been registered against the killer.

LEAD has limited its work only to advocacy as its members are under life threats from Qadri's group and due to the security issues our field work will be passive for a while,because from 4th January 2017, a new wave of threats and harassment has been started against Sardar Mushtaq Gill,HRD Lawyer and his family and other members of LEAD,he was threatened to be killed via face-book by one of members of Mumtaz Hussain Qadri supporters namely Ali Khan whose face-book profile shows he is from Karachi (Bachh...beta ab teri bhi bari ane wali hai....... Mumtaz Qadri hai Ek or yahan) and some other including Babar Ali Qadri and Ghulam Murtaza Qadri are making harassed to file false and baseless complaints against members of LEAD. 

Extremist Islamic group Fedane Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, Chunian,Kasur along with others religious extremists groups chanted slogans against the execution of Mumtaz Qadri during a rally in Lahore on January. 25, 2016 and after the hanging of the killer Mumtaz Hussain Qadri,the extremists supporters of Qadri threatened Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender, during a rally in Bhai Pheru early morning on Monday,29 February ,2016.They also used threatening slogans against Mr.Gill who is also critic of blasphemy laws. Qadri was hailed as hero of Islam by all religious Islamic groups.

Blasphemy is a highly controversial issue in Pakistan, and angry mobs have killed many people accused of insulting Islam in the Muslim-majority country. The law does not define blasphemy but stipulates that the penalty is death.Islamic groups also issued a decree (Alamia) that anyone who support blasphemy accused in any way would be considered blasphemer and be punished in the appeal case of Asia Bibi,death convict.The purpose of this Alamia is to terrify victims of human rights violations and their supporters.

On 12 August 2017,a Christian boy Asif Masih(16 years old) was badly beaten by a mob after being accused of burning pages of the Holy Quran outside a shrine in a village near Wazirabad.When the police took the suspect into custody a crowd of 200 gathered outside the police check post demanding he be handed over to them, after which he was moved to another station.

Asif has been charged under Section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code that hands life imprisonment for desecrating the Holy Quran. He will face trial under blasphemy law.

In July, a blasphemy case FIR no.273/17 under section 295-C PPC, has been registered at Police Station Dingha,Gujrat against a Christian sweeper Shahzad Masih on the complaint of a member Tehrik-e-Tahafz Islam Raja Nadeem.

In June,a Christian bicycle mechanic namely Ashfaq Masih, in Lahore was arrested over accusations of blasphemy after he became a part of a quarrel in respect to payment for services with a customer.

Monday, 8 May 2017

A Christian man sentenced to life imprisonment on mobile sms blasphemy charges

Rawalpindi: Reportedly trial court has sentenced a Christian Pastor Zafar Bhatti to lifetime imprisonment over mobile phone sms blasphemy charges.Bhatti, was tried by the court within the premises of the Adiala Central Jail, Rawalpindi. On May 3, the court sent him to lifelong imprisonment despite there was lack of sound evidence against him.

Zafar Bhatti was accused of insulting Islam in cell-phone text messages he sent in 2012. He denied the charges, and pointed out to the court that the cell phone in question was not his name.He had been held in prison.

Gazala Khan,a Christian woman co-accused was declared innocent by the police during the investigation in spite of  the fact that the cell-phone in question was registered on her name.She was on bail but in report about her acquittal was nothing mentioned.Reportedly, ,Ghazala Khan (39) passed away in November 2016 after losing a battle with Hepatitis C, thus surviving the ignominy of being sentenced for blasphemy charges.

Since the accusations were leveled against Bhatti, he has been behind the bars in Adiala Jail. In the view of sensitivity of the case, he was being tried in the jail premises. Reportedly on April 24, the court tried him and the decision was reserved. On May 3, he was handed a decree of lifetime imprisonment.  

Reportedly, Bhatti has faced several attempts on his life at the prison including an incident of poisoning on March 31st 2103, which left him bleeding from his nose and mouth and left him in critical condition for days.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Teenage Christian abductee recovered from richling’s custody

Vahari: LEAD has confirmed that the abducted teenage Christian girl safely recovered but matter is pending before the court for handing oved to whom family or abductor as she was converted and got married with one of her abductors, 14-year-old Maria Bibi, was abducted by Amjad Ali and his accomplices. The abductee was purportedly sexually assaulted during this period. Initially the police showed reluctance to register a case against the abductor.

Subsequently, an FIR was registered invoking Section 365/B of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Amjad Ali son of Niaz Mughal. Amjad and his accomplices had raided that house of the Christian minor at around 3:00 am and abducted her at gunpoint. Maria’s grandfather Shahab Masih and mother Bushra Bibi are pleading for the girls’ recovery. “Let my voice be heard in front of the Chief Minister of Punjab,” said Shahab Masih and finally police recovered the victim and handed over back to the family.

In Pakistan, abduction of girls from minorities’ communities has been on the higher side since years. These girls after abduction are sexually assaulted, forcibly married to the abductors and forced into conversions. A report compiled few years back detailed that every year about one thousand minorities’ girls are abducted and forced to convert.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Christian teenage girl sexually assaulted after abduction, no FIR registered

Gaggo Mandi: Christian teenage girl sexually assaulted by son of landlord. The incident occurred in Gaggo Mandi, a town in Vehari District. 14-year-old, Maria Bibi was abducted on gun point by son of the landlord and his accomplices. Police are yet to register an FIR of the incident, while the family of the victim plead for the recovery of their daughter.
Victim Maria Bibi daughter of Ashraf Masih (late) was working the field when Amjad cast bad eye on her. At night time, Amjad along with his accomplices arrived at Maria’s house at around 3:00 am and abducted her on gunpoint. Maria’s grandfather Shahab Masih and mother Bushra Bibi are pleading for the girls’ recovery, however. “Let my voice be heard in front of the Chief Minister of Punjab,” said Shahab Masih.

Bushra Bibi and her brother Boota Masih have urged the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, RPO Multan and DPO Vehari to take immediate steps in this matter. “If our daughter is not rescued from the clutches of the landlord’s son we will prefer death over life,” victimized Christian family said.

Maria’s mother said that we have already pleaded the authorities but they all seem to be powerless, as Amjad’s father Niaz Mughal is an influential man in the area. Boota Masih said that although an application has been submitted at local police station, yet no FIR of the incident has been registered. “No action has been taken in order to recover our daughter,” he said.CIP

Islamic Extremist Group of Youth Attacked at Christians Homes

Kasur: An armed group of Islamic Extremists Youth 20/25 riding on motor cycles attacked at Christian Colony Bhai Pheru and tortured Christians and opened aerial firing at their homes to terrorised the whole community.
According to FIR on 18-04-17 at evening a Christian labourer ,Afaq Masih age 19 years,working at A.C fridge workshop,was coming back home and one Muslim man namely Rao Shani and his accomplices forcibly stopped him and snatched a mobile from him on the pretext that they wanted to use it to call someone, when he requested for returned him back,they refused and started to beat him.After this beating he went to home and again they came at his home and opened aerial firing at his home and threaten them to face dire consequences.Next day on 19-04-2017 at about 8:30 pm the attackers around about 20/25 riding on motorcycles again came at his home and attacked at them and made terrorised whole Christian community by aerial firing in their homes and threw stones at their homes and threaten the whole Christian community.

City Police station has registered FIR no.189/17 on trivial offences without adding the offence of using fire arms to terrised the whole Christian community on the complaint of Pauloos Masih but yet the Police reluctant to arrest the attackers because of their strong back of Islamic group.The Christians of area are still under fear of terror spread by the extremists.
It is requested to the Police authority to investigate the matter seriously why the perpetrators wanted to use his mobile phone to call someone from different aspects as there could be possible the perpetrators had agenda other than just to harrassed and terrorising the Christians community.

"Christians are the most vulnerable portion of the Pakistani society and on trivial matters they are attacked,tortured and beaten because of lack of implementation of rule of law and such extremists have their ties with Islamic militants group which encourage them to persecute Christians",LEAD.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Religious Liberty at Grave Risk in Pakistan: Persecution Fueled By Islamic Extremism And Terrorism 

PakistanIn Pakistan people are killed, imprisoned, tortured, kidnapped, and otherwise victimized because of what they believe other than majority believe.Christians are the most vulnerable portion of the Pakistani society because of their weak defense against the persecution at both national and international forums and particularly because of their population ratio and poverty.

There are also human rights organizations around the globe who compiled annual reports on religious freedom and persecution and they concluded that by any measure, religious freedom in Pakistan has been under serious and sustained assault and Christians including other religious minorities are at grave risk by Islamic extremism and terrorism.But the policymakers overlooked the main cause of uncertainty which is going to damage the image of Pakistan all over the globe and undertook a sweeping dragnet rounding up human rights up-lifters and defenders, including religious freedom advocates, whose job is to draw the attention of the authorities towards the drawbacks of the society on the so called pretext of social media blasphemous contents and paid too much heed on it which endangered the lives of thousands of those who are working for religious liberty and human rights and they are equated with terrorists.
In this photo,there is a very famous Muslim Scholar ,Mr.Javed Ahmed Gamdi,stated the main reason of terrorism in Muslims, is the Islamic religious thoughts which are being taught to every Pakistani through their Schooling.
The lawmakers overlook the roots of terrorism but in the below photo of a terrorist Muslim university 2nd year MBBS student girl is vivid picture of above said reason of terrorism in Muslims by Muslim Scholar,she was going to attack at Church on Easter.
In this photo,it can be experienced how Islamic thought promoting religious violence which took many innocent lives and all other religious minorities are considered infidels by Islamic thought.
In social media photo in which a Muslim promoting such violence on the name of religion but no check on it from the state and this victim has not shared on social media any contents which could be considered blasphemous but his believe  was other than Islamic faith.
In this photo,it is vividly showed that individual believe is not accepted by Islamic fellows which is considered as apostasy and for it the punishment is death.
In this photo a Christian man was tortured and burned by iron rods because he was fallen in love and wanted to get married with Muslim girl.
 In this photo,a minor Christian girl was abducted ,raped and converted to Islam and then gave in marriage one of her abductor but victim family can't do any thing rather they are being threatened by the perpetrators.
In a single village 20 Christians families were converted to Islam and  recently a prosecutor has reportedly asked Christians facing trial in an anti-terrorism court ,Lahore over lynching of two men that he ‘can guarantee their acquittal’ if they renounce their faith and embrace Islam,some 42 Christians have been charged with lynching the two men after twin suicide blasts targeting a Sunday Mass in two churches in the Christian neighborhood of Youhanabad in Lahore on March 15, 2015.
For peaceful society in Pakistan,it is the obligation of the state to condemn those who promote violence in the name of religion and use religion as a tool to oppress those who have no faith in religion or opposing opinions other than majority faith and for this first check should be on Islamic extremists who are also promoters of terrorism in Pakistan.Christian religious minority is the soft corner for them to attack because they are the most vulnerable part of the society who haven't strong defense.
The below is the screenshot from the Facebook update of a Christian,who warned and addressed to Pakistani Christian community to avoid to talk about other's faiths which could be endangered for your life and your family not only by majority but also could be by the minority  who has hidden agenda against you.This is the picture of fear among Christians of Pakistan.
In Pakistan generally every citizen is living in a uncertainty situation but Christians are the most targeted portion of the society and they are terrified due to continuously victimized by the misuse of blasphemy laws but more of it their unacceptable existence in all norms of  life by the Islamic extremists who are the strong portion of the society and they can easily mold all circumstances in their own favor which weaken the defense of the Christian victims particularly when they issue such religious decrees to terrify victims of human rights violations and their supporters.
The impact of this decree is that all defenders of Asia Bibi now gone silent and waiting some miracle for her release and all the blasphemy accused,facing trial,acquitted or in jails are at the target of the Islamic extremists who motivated by this decree to kill them at any cost.  
On Wednesday,three armed burqa-clad sisters shot dead a man after accusing him of committing blasphemy 13 years ago.The women, in their statement to police, alleged that Abbas had committed blasphemy in 2004, but “we couldn’t kill him at the time because we were too young then”.The police confirmed that they had registered a case against Abbas in 2004 under Section 295-C (use of derogatory remarks, etc., in respect of the Holy Prophet) of the Pakistan Penal Code at the Pasrur City station, but he fled abroad soon after.He came back and applied for bail which was accepted by court but even then he was killed.

Is there any human rights organization or any Christian organization who have vision and agenda to work to save the lives of those persecuted Christians particularly victims of blasphemy laws,languishing in jails,facing trials at courts or acquitted by courts but forced to live in hiding to save their lives in Pakistan? If there are then think about those who are in Pakistan,in hiding,in jails and facing trials to save them without fearing that the task is life risk. 

Some human rights groups define persecution in old fashion way but the persecutors have changed their ways to persecute religious minorities in a new ways and they called it policy and it could be implemented at both by Government sector and at private sector.So it is the need of time to define religious persecution in a broader-way and to believe it or not Pakistani Christians are most vulnerable who are being persecuted by Islamic extremists. 

It is the obligation on  all of us, who claim themselves human rights up-lifters and promoters of religious liberty and peaceful society, to discourage such both non-state and state actors of the society who hammer the society to shape them to use for their own motives and agendas and destroy the peace and tranquility of the society.It is our request for all of those,who support them (human rights defenders), to stand with those who are working at ground-roots level and fight for other's rights without fear that it could be dangerous for their own lives too because they are those whose preference is always victims' relief and for victims's relief they can take any kind of risk but they do not turn their back to see the hurdle which can endanger their own lives.