Thursday, 28 July 2016

Blasphemy row: Hindu youths, one killed other injured and community in dire straits

GhotkiHindu community remains apprehensive as communal tensions escalated in Sindh’s Ghotki district, after a man Amar Lal who had reportedly converted to Islam about four years ago was arrested for allegedly desecrating the Holy Quran on Tuesday, July 26.
Tensions rose in the district soon after the allegations were brought against Amar Lal, who is a drug addict and mentally unstable started living in a mosque after his conversion. A mob ran riot and shot two Hindu men in Mirpur Mathelo. One of the two men shot was 17-year-old Dewan Kumar, who succumbed to his injuries while the other victim Avinash is in a critical condition. , both traders, were sipping tea at a stall in Mirpur Mathelo, in the main town of Ghotki, when they were attacked by a mob, protesting against the alleged desecration of the Quran by a Hindu man a day earlier.
Blasphemy allegations had sparked communal tensions and violence in Ghotki district- Daharki, Mirpur Mathelo, Ubauro and Khan Pur Mehar remained closed today also. Leaders of religious parties including Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat (ASWJ) have demanded for “severe punishment for the blasphemer,” which sparked riots. Protesters blocked, National Highway and staged a sit-in for five hours.
Sindh was also in news recently when Hindus in the region had raised objections over the sale of shoes with 'Om' inscriptions on them. Hindus had staged massive protests in the region over reports of sale of such footwear.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

An insane Hindu booked over blasphemy accusations, Hindu community fearful of retaliation

Ghotki: A Hindu reportedly insane man, Amar Lal, has been booked over blasphemy charges. Lal has been accused of allegedly desecrating Islamic holy book Quran. On Tuesday July 26, Lal was caught by local Muslims allegedly desecrating the Islamic holy book outside a mosque. Police claims Lal is suffering from psychotic disorder.

Followed by the blasphemy incident, the local Muslims shut down their shops in retaliation against the alleged accused. The religious groups called for a shutdown, daily activities remained suspended in the entire district as a result of the call. The enraged Muslims blocked National highway and damaged public property, which caused the huge traffic jam.

Police had also hooked about 18 people over charges of damaging public property during the agitation. Local Hindu community remained fearful and remained shutting inside their homes. The situation became tense while Member of Provincial Assembly asked people to remain calm and avoid violence.

"The agitation is too much because the alleged accused belongs to religious Hindu minority. Blasphemy law is a fire which burns the many innocents”, said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender who was forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

He further stated that reportedly the Chief Justice Lahore High Court has got started investigation of LHC employees after doubts emerging from Police Department that some employees have links with terrorists and banned Islamic organizations. Such persons are not only in judiciary but also in every Government department and they are strong enough no one prove them that they have links with terrorists and banned Islamic organizations.

He said that LHC staffs often created hurdles in blasphemy cases' fixation in courts and might be created by some other invisible ways problems for blasphemy cases their lawyers. Latest example is the appeal case of Sajjad Masih Gill ,who was punished life imprisonment in blasphemy,in which Mr. Gill has filled early hearing petition inspite of this the petition accepted but the appeal case was not regular fixed then he filled application under section 426 Cr.P.C for suspension of life imprisonment and release on bail in spite of all provisions of laws are in favor of the convicted but the application is not being decided almost one year has been passed.

Friday, 15 July 2016

A Christian teenage girl abducted, captors knock off her father

Faisalabad: A Christian teenage girl namely Mehwish was craftily abducted after being lured for a handsomely paid domestic work. The victim resident of Khalid Colony in Faisalabad, was taken away by a Muslim family after that Mehwish never returned home. Her mother Shahnaz (real name is withheld) narrated the horrific ordeal of the family and disclosed that her husband was shot dead by the captors.

According to Shahnaz, about two months ago a Muslim family approached her and on 12 March, and told her that they wanted to hire Mehwish for domestic work at an evening party at their house. They assured Shahnaz that they will bring her safely back after the party is over and pay her for her services.
Nonetheless, the 14-year-old, Christian girl did not return ever since she left with the Muslim family. Mehwish who was the eldest child of the family went missing and consequently, her father Tanveer Tanveer, went to the family’ house in desperation seeking for his daughter, however she was nowhere to be found. The family told him that the girl was out for some work and he cannot meet her.

After several failed attempts, 42-year-old, Tanveer decided to bring the matter to the locals, but of no avail. Eventually he decided to lodge a police compliant. On May 10, he got an FIR registered at the Raza Abad police station, and nominated Umar Daraz, Muhammad Zahid and Mobeen Rehman, in the abduction of his daughter.

Shahnaz revealed that ever since the FIR was registered, the abductors started harassing and intimidating Tanveer to withdraw the police compliant. The down trodden father was reluctant to give up on his daughter and gave a supplementary statement to the police. In a craftily scheme, two of the respondents told Tanveer that they were willing to settle the dispute outside the court only if he would take his complaint back. Tanveer withdrew his complaint in hope of his daughter’ return.

The abductors called him for a meeting, in order to settle the matter. On appointed date, Tanveer when Tanveer was on his way to meet the abductors, two unknown gunmen shot him dead on Jhang Road, in Thikriwala. An FIR was filed including murder charges against unknown gunmen but however nothing substantial has been done. Tanveer who was ostensibly knocked off by the abductors has left a wife a and three other daughters as survivors.

Shahnaz and her three daughters are living in fear of possible retribution from the abductors. The family is now supported by relatives, but are forced to live in trepidation. “I want my daughter back. I want the perpetrators brought to justice. I have no money to buy food or continue the legal battle. I ask help from God’s people.”

“Several months after my daughter’s kidnapping, the police have not done anything because we have no money to defend our rights. We live in a hopeless situation, we need help. I pray that my daughter will continue to place hope and faith in Jesus Christ,” she explained.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Christian youth’ arms lopped off after his refusal to denounce Christianity and convert to Islam

Lahore: Reportedly A Christian youngster’ arms chopped off by extremists after his refusal to denounce Christianity and accept Islam. The incident took place in Lahore’ LDA quarter area. The Christian victim of callousness namely Aqeel Masih was purportedly kidnapped by the religious fanatics, who tried to force him into conversion.

Aqeel Masih who held a job at a petrol pump in LDA quarter area, was kidnapped by the Islamists. He revealed that the extremists exerted pressure on him to abandon Christianity and convert to Islam. Aqeel however, did not give up on his Christian faith and refused to comply with their demand. Notwithstanding, his rebuttal, they chopped off his both arms, and absconded.
In pursuit of justice, Aqeel Masih filed a lawsuit against the extremists. He appeared at the Ghalib Market Police Station, Lahore today, July 12, Tuesday. Upon his arrival, he was approached by media personnel. However, police disengaged him from the media representatives and shifted him to elsewhere. Source

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Blasphemy charges pinned on a Christian youth, police hooks respondent’ sisters

Gujrat: A Christian youth embroiled in a blasphemy case, the row leaves Christians in the neighborhood in aghast. Nadeem James, resident of Father Colony in Sarai Alamgir, in District Gujrat, found himself caved-in a socio-religious malady after blasphemy accusations were heaped on him. An FIR invoking blasphemy law was registered against Nadeem in Sarai Alamgir police station, which was followed by ferocity in a rut.

After being accused, Nadeem fled however, police booked his two sisters Najma Faryad and Samreen Shahbaz in place of their brother. In the face of horrifying situation, the Christians of the area are deeply distressed anticipating looming mob violence.In anticipation of a tumult, the police cordoned off Father Colony, and heavy contingents of police personnel were deployed in the area to ensure security of Christian residents of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to abut 30 Christian families.

The dismayed Christians are calling upon Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to take note of the incident and ensure that the local Muslims sent into a tizzy by the blasphemy accusations are not allowed a free hand to administer an extra-judicial judgment. They are calling for Transparent investigations into the case making sure that no innocent gets pulverized in what becomes a matter of life and death for the respondent, his family and the entire Christian community of his neighborhood.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The pending trial of Kot Radha kishan Lynching case of Christian Couple

LAHORE: Christian couple lynching case handed over to Farrukh Saif Foundation by family of Shahzad and Shama and Sardar Mushtaq Gill,a Christian human rights defender,who heads LEAD an organization, was striving for justice for the legal heirs of Christian couple who was burned alive after a false allegation of blasphemy.The lawyers of FSF will submit their power of attorney on next date of hearing July 12 and will pursue the case.The decision was made final after taking consent of the victims.

Mr.Gill at high risk,he was forced into hiding after getting life threats and physical attacks.He has also earlier expressed serious concern for his and his family safety after threats were issued by both militants and extremists groups and the individual criminals; despite seeking protection from the authorities his call for security has been ignored.

Recently,legal heirs of Shahzad and Shama , a Christian couple burned alive for alleged desecrating of Quranic pages , for seeking protection and security have also filled application in the Anti-Terrorism Court II Lahore after getting direct life threats.The FSF will take responsibility for the arrangements of the eye-witnesses permanent security and protection including their relocation.

"The total number of nominated accused persons were 138 of which 106 ere arrested and latter three accused were got released on bail and some of whom the accused are still at large particularly from them the legal heirs eye witnesses are under constant life threats," said Sardar Mushtaq Gill who heads LEAD an organization provided free legal assistance in this case.

Legal heirs eye witnesses abominate to reveal themselves to the high risk of giving incriminating material testimonies as either they or their families are deadly attacked, many times on the premises of the court as has been seen in previous religious mob violence cases the prosecution witnesses are often threatened by the groups standing trial or the powerful extremist religious groups that support them and the risk become double in the cases where some accused have been declared as absconders as happened in Shahzad and Shama murder case. 

On 4 November,2014 between 6:30 am to 8:00 am ,the Christian couple was burned alive in furnace of brick Kiln and the same day early in the morning,the announcement was made from the loud speakers of the Mosques of the nearby villages and in hundreds a charged mob of Muslims attacked at the room where the couple was made hostage and from ceiling of the room some men entered and dragged out the couple and started beating them with clubs and fractured their legs and then the mob dragged the couple towards the kiln's furnace and burnt them alive.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Weak Defense is the main reason of Christian Persecution getting worse in Pakistan, says a Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill, human rights defender.

PAKISTAN:  Today June 3, 2016, when the question was being raised “Why Doses Christian Persecution Get Worse in Pakistan”, Sardar Mushtaq Gill, human rights defender expressed with sorrow that in his views which were established after going through a long time practically handing and assisting victims of the of blasphemy laws, mob violence and forced marriages and forced conversion to Islam, the weak defense is the main reason of getting worse Christian Persecution in Pakistan?

In Pakistan where International Christian organizations and Churches claim to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars through different religious and secular projects to the individual cases despite of all those contributions of International Christian organizations and Churches  for the growth of the Pakistani Church and for the defense of  the persecuted, the precious  lives of Christians were sacrificed, churches are regularly being bombed, Christians are being brutally killed, and blasphemy laws have been misused to snatch the religious freedom of Christians, more over the unending phenomena of forced conversion to Islam and forced marriages of Christian girls is shockingly continue and we are unable to make grow the Church and to defend the victim in true sense.

In this way the defense of the victims always remain on weak footing which may result in long term sufferings for them. Just for reference look at what has resulted in the case of Asia Bibi since her arrest. Her case was not properly handled at earliest stage hence resulted in weak defense which became the reason of dismissal of her appeal from Lahore High Court.

Undoubtedly the situation of Christian persecution in Pakistan has not only been got worse but also has always been appalled to be focused, it is not a fact that it has been only recorded well in recent years rather it actual gets worse and worse day by day because of weak defense against the situation in result the Church and the human rights defenders are not free to carry their legitimate religious and human rights activities in Pakistan. In fact, things are so crucial for Pakistani Christian community that they are leaving the country to avoid religious violence and to seek save heaven for their children that’s why some Christian leaders are making warn that Christians may very soon become extinct in Pakistan as is happening in other neighboring Islamic countries.

In reality, we take to these victims the bread of life only to find they are not in danger of hunger. We offer them the water of life only to discover they are not feeling thirst. We shelter them thinking it is not their need. We give them assistance only to find it is not necessary for them. We totally ignore to give them assistance in the rescue mission thinking their lives are not in danger.