Friday, 17 April 2015

Firing at Catholic St.Franciscan High School three injured

LAHORE: Today,armed men opened fire on a missionary institution St. Franciscan High School in Behar colony Lahore. One student and two security guards were injured and have now been hospitalized. Panic revolved in the school as gunmen fired.

Unidentified gunmen began firing and as the guards on duty outside the school intercepted, they were caught in the firing and got injured . The students of the school have been directed to leave the school premises.The investigation is underway to find out the main reason of attack. The Churches and Christian institutions already have warned about security threat from hardliners.
Behar Colony is the second largest Christian residential area in Lahore and Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan. 

Two days ago Nouman Masih a 14 years old young Christian boy lost the battle of life in Mayo Hospital Lahore. He was set on fire by unknown men after inquiring about his Christian faith.

On 1 st April,brother of human rights defender Mr.Mr. Sardar Mushtaq Gill head of LEAD miraculously survived after being attacked and shot by a Muslim man at his lower back .The perpetrators have not yet been arrested and the police refused to give security.Mr.Gill has got life threats due to his legitimate and non-violent human rights work constantly from last a few years and his life is at risk as well as his family's ,instead of life's threats,he is wholeheartedly determined to stand in the support of victims of violence and to raise his voice against the violation of human rights in Pakistan.

Christian School of Pakistan has yet again become the target of uncalled for violence after the last month on 24 March, 2015 when two masked motorcyclists opened fire on policemen guarding St. Peter’s Catholic Church and High School in the Girja Chowk area of Township, Lahore in the result of that firing two passersby were injured.

These firings incidents come after the two churches were attacked by the suicide bombers in Youhanabad, the largest Christian locality in Pakistan.

In the church attacks, a young Akash Bashir who was on duty as a voluntary security guard outside the church, had lost his life in attempting to stop the suicide bomber from entering the Church. In that attack 21 people lost their lives. 

After happening the incident of lynching two suspects, Government started crackdown against Christians including activists and arrested a number of Christians from Youhanabad and surrounding areas.

The Christian minority,the poverty-stricken community, in Pakistan constantly to be marginalized and victimized of such violence.The extremism is the main reason of violence against religious minorities.It is the need of time to eradicate religious extremism and discrimination from the society for peaceful atmosphere where justice should have to be prevailed and rule of law should be implemented.The religious minorities should be given equal rights and should be treated equally before law.

Our request for you all first pray and then to stand in our support and raise your voice for religious liberty which is being made more worsened and against the religious extremism and terrorism.Our work for justice will be more strengthening with your practical support.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Christian Boy set on fire died

LAHORE: On Friday 10th April unknown attackers tried to burn a Christian teenager alive in Lahore tragically yesterday died in hospital. 

The boy, 14 year old Nouman Masih, was shutting up shop in the Tailor’s shop he was working at, at about the time Muslims were going to Friday prayers when two young men came up to him and asked him his religion.  When he said ‘Christian’ they started to beat him, and when he ran away, they chased him, threw petrol on him and set him alight.  He came across a pile of sand and dirt and dived into it.  Two local passersby Christians came to the rescue and put out the flames, and called an ambulance for the unconscious Nouman. Medics said he suffered severe burns, about 55%, but that he should make a good recovery. 

An FIR No.308/15 under section 324/34 PPC has been registered and the police have taken Nouman’s statement at the hospital.Chief Minister Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the incidence.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Minor Christian girl raped by neighbors, serious violation of women rights

KASURA 13-year-old Christian girl was allegedly abducted at middle night on 31 March,2015 by three neighborhood Christian youths namely Adil,Ijaz and Saghar when she was sleeping in her house three youth entered by climbing the wall and took her out from the house on gunpoint and made her hostage in a nearby house where she was raped by one of them.

In the meanwhile, the mother of girl was awaken and noticed that outer door was opened and then she saw that her daughter was missing. She started crying and made awaken other family members. They started to search and when reached a nearby house there they heard a noise of crying and weeping of the girl. They entered the house when they saw them fled away and one of them was caught. They called Police on 15 and the police reached the spot and arrested the alleged accused.

The victim family reached the concern police station and recorded statement for registration of FIR but the investigator recorded the statement not as the family given the statement. The family was being forced to get compromise with the alleged culprits on the intervention of local political figure.The victim family is very poor and is still under pressure for compromise.

The victim family came to Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and requested for legal assistance in the registration of case in the police station. Mr. Gill approached the Police station and got registered FIR NO.104/15 under section 376/511 PPC on dated 6 April, 2015 at Police Station Phool Nagar after on the complaint of victim's brother after getting the medical of victim which is positive and shows the first time rape. 

Threatening the victim of dire consequences by the hands of family of alleged accused, the victim girl then disclosed her ordeal to her family and Mr. Gill following which a amended complaint was submitted with the Higher police official.

With grave concern, women and girls are being victimized of serious forms of violence such as domestic violence, sexual harassment at work place, rape, forced marriage, honor killing which constitute dead serious violation of the human rights of women and girls.In terms of morality, rape is an unforgivable crime and in the eye of law it should be non-compoundable, its heinous  nature is comparable to that of murder. It is considered a sinful crime means to hurt the victim’s soul brutally and ruined her whole remaining life.However, in Pakistan,the procedural laws have not been properly used to get punished the rapists due to improper and biased investigation and unlawful excessive external pressure on victim family ,mostly in rape cases investigation makes weak the prosecution.

We at LEAD try to contribute uplifting human rights and also focusing on women rights which is a grave concern in our society.Mostly poor and marginalized women and girls are being targeted of such violations.We defend the victims and raise the issue of human rights violation without difference of faith ,creed and gender.Our Human Rights work shall be continued until our last breath despite the attacks ,intimidation and threats are being extended towards us.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


KASUR: Yesterday 1 April,2015 at about 12:45 pm brother of Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,chief counsel of LEAD attacked and shot by a Muslim man.

Gill,as a legal counsel, is taking in these days the case of two minor sisters Farzana and Sehrish who were abducted and gang-rapped by five Muslim men turn by turn whole night at Chak Number 651/2 G.B Jaranwala. In which one co-accused Muhammad Azeem was granted bail and released from jail.On 13 March,2015,he submitted his power of attorney in trial court Jaranwala and on 17 March,2015,he filed cancellation of bail petition in Lahore High Court under petition No.3482/15 which was fixed on 30th March,2015.

The accused Muhammad Azeem with the help and support of some local gunda elements, who are notorious drugs dealers, approached first Gill's brother namely Pervaiz Gill and requested for compromise for gang-rapped case.He said that he could not do anything in this matter because he has no concern with the case.On this refusal,they approached Gill and asked for the same demand of compromise which was declined to accept their illegal demand by Gill.He refused by saying that he is complainant and for compromise the sole authority is the complainant.

On 1st April around about 11:15 am a Muslim man,Muhammad Bilal alias Babla ,who is notorious drugs dealers and gunda of the area stopped Gill's brother on the way when he was coming back home and threatened him to face dire consequences and also threatened that he would see his brother on this some hot-words and quarrel started and on the intervening of some local neighbors the quarrel was ended and Gill's brother reached home.
At about 12:40 pm,Muhammad Baagh Blaqia ,the father of Muhammad Bilal who attacked and shot, along with some neighbors reached the home of Gill and he requested for compromise and also apologized on behalf of his son and requested him not telling his brother and not taking any legal actions.On this Gill's brother has forgiven his son and he insisted to come along with them towards their home for compromise with his son.On the request of other neighbors Gill's brother went along with them towards his home,they just reached at their home and his son shouting at Gill's brother how dared you Christians to not acting their order for gang-rapped case compromise and pointed pistol at Gill'brother and said 'run to save his life now' and attacked and shot at Gill'brother.One bullet shot and hit at the lower back of Gill's brother and he was injured.Immediately,he was shifted to local civil Hospital and they refused to admit him and referred for Jinnah Hospital,Lahore where he was admitted and operated and bullet was taken out from the body.
The complaint for registration of FIR and for protection was submitted at City Police Station Phool Nagar ( Bhai Pheru) in which Sardar Mushtaq Gill himself is a complainant.The case FIR NO.94/15 under section 324 PPC ,dated 1 April,2015 was registered at City Police Station Phool Nagar. The.The perpetrator yet has not been arrested by Police but pressure for compromise has been extended towards Gill and his other family members.

The complainant of the gang-rapped case Ilyas Masih was also threatened to face dire consequences and revenge on 10th February 2015 at 17:30 two men on motorcycles stopped outside Sehrish and Farzana's house, in village Chak no. 651/2, Jaranwala with a loaded repeater gun.These men  shouted out that they  were the relatives of the boys Shahbaz, Asif and Azeem who raped Sehrish and Farzana and that the girls deserved to be raped as they were unwanted Christians in Muslim lands and FIR No.66/15 has been registered at police station against the perpetrators.
On 22 March,2015,again Ilyas Masih Complainant of the gang-raped case and the two Christian witnesses of the case were threatened by Muhammad Azeem and Asif for compromise regarding this incident the complaint diary no.272-SP/J  in the office of Superintendent Police Jaranwal has been submitted by Ilyas Masih,the same was submitted in High Court Lahore during arguments.arguments. Ilyas Masih is being continually threatened in this case.  

This case of gang-raped was entrusted to LEAD by BPCA for free legal assistance. The fight for justice and against inequality will be continued and our campaign against the violation of human rights and for religious liberty shall not be discouraged by such perpetrators and their actions.Our request to pray for speedy recovery of Gill's brother and for the safety of his family members. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Masked men firing at Catholic Church and School and two injured

LAHORE: Yesterday 24 March, 2015, two masked motorcyclists open fire on policemen guarding St. Peter’s Catholic Church and High School in the Girja Chowk area of Township, Lahore.In the result of firing two passersby injured.

It is informed to Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender who heads LEAD by Hadayat Bashir advocate, a local resident of the area, that the firing incident happened around about 2:00 pm and at that time school was vacant and a few establishment members were over there.
Reportedly no one from Church and school was injured. The police is confident to track down the perpetrators from the Church CCTV's footage which they have obtained from the Church and the deployed police constables bravely resisted the attackers and those attackers fled away from the crime scene.

"It is unbelievable how the militants in broad daylight targeted and fired at the Church and fled away as they did nothing in the metropolitan city which show that the attackers are from local militants groups",said Gill.

We urge Government to take strong measures to eliminate the militants wings from society and to take legal action without discrimination of faith and religions.

We demand justice in the twin suicide attacks at Youhanabad Churches and behind the crime scene elements should be exposed. This incident once again created a fear of insecurity amongst Christian community and they believe that the matter is being dealt with discrimination.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Police torture to death son of Christian domestic servant mother, after a false accusation of theft case, was exonerated.

LAHORE:On 19 March, 2015 a notorious police tortured murdered case of Christian man, who was murdered in the police torture cell,her mother presented in the court and exonerated the accused including two policemen who were nominated in the FIR No.269/15 dated 8 March,2015 under section 302,506/34 PPC at police station Harbanspura, Lahore.

Tariq Seraj approached and asked to Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender head of LEAD for free legal assistance in this police tortured murdered case.

Yesterday,when LEAD's lawyers along with Gill appeared in the court for legal assistance came to know that Ayesha Bibi,mother of the murdered man,recorded her statement in favor of the alleged accused.
Later on Gill was told that the exoneration was forced to make due to pressure of one political figure.The mother still want justice for his murdered son.

"The police mostly torture poor Christian accused to make happy the rich complainant and investigate the matters on discriminatory bases",said Gill.

"I myself got life threats in this case when pursued to lodge the FIR against Policemen",told Shahzad.

The facts of the Police tortured murdered case:

On 4th March 2015 at 7:00 pm a Christian mother, Ayesha Bibi, was arrested by policemen from Police Station Harbanspura, Lahore, for allegedly stealing 35,000 rupees and gold ornaments weighing close to 100 g. The harassed mother, who worked as a domestic servant for her employer Abdul Jabbar and his family, despite many years of loyal service.

Ayesha Bibi was accused of stealing the items around the 24th of February, while they were at a wedding.  However,she claims she stopped working at the house on 20th February for which she had been fully remunerated. On the 4th of March she received a call from her employers for additional work.  Oblivious of the accusations she was surprised when she was bundled into a car in a frenzied moment of hatred, during which she suffered abuse, accusations and beatings.  

The Police arrested her and placed her in a cell on receipt of the complaint from her employer Abdul Jabbar.They beat Ayesha Bibi with sticks and their fists shouting abuse and accusations in an attempt to force a confession.  The violence of the beatings shattered the bones in her arms, yet despite the pain innocent Ayseha refused to incriminate herself through a false confession.

Eager to bring their investigation to a conclusion in a further abuse of their authority local police, arrested the son of Ayesha, Zubair Rashid Masih from his home.  Three policemen arrived at 7:00 am at his house and violently bundled him into a police car before a number of onlookers. 

Ayesha was forced to watch her son being pulverized before her, whilst the Police threatened her that the beatings would only stop when she confessed to the burglary.  The mother was released later that day but her son was detained, while police tried to force a confession out of him.
That morning at 07:00 a police car crudely dumped the dead body of her son on the street in front of the poor mother's home in the deprived community of Shamsabad.  

Police reluctance to lodge a police complaint known in Pakistan as a "First Information Report" (FIR) led to a mass protest on the main road in front of the local Police station at Iqbal Town which was headed by a local activist Khalid Shahzad. This led to negotiations between local humanitarian NGO's including Shahzad who himself took great pain in this incident,and the Deputy Inspector General (Operations) Dr. Haider Ashraf, Iqbal Town Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Ejaz Doggar and Superintendent of Police (City) Iqbal Khan.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Non-implementation of the job five percent job quota for minorities

LAHORE: Yesterday,a representative of the Christian community, Shoaib Ashraf, petitioned in Lahore high through LEAD's lawyers that Wildlife and Parks Punjab advertised some lower posts but did not implement 5 percent seats to religious minorities. Under the law all government departments were bound to implement quota set for religious minorities while making appointments.The concerned member of selection committee has appointed his own son instead from minority.He said that the department was prejudice with him due to his Christian faith and gave wrong data of other candidate about him for and his data for other to the selection committee.On behalf of Shoaib Ashraf ,one petition is pending in Lahore High Court and Mr.Justice Qasam Khan adjourned for 2 April.  

In a number of cases,we approached and filed a number of petitions in Higher Courts for the execution of five per cent job quota fixed for minorities in all Government set ups which was previously the federal government and the government of Punjab had issued by a notifications in September 2009 and March 2010 correspondingly,but the respective departments continuously violating to implement on this.
Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender, said,"minorities who initially welcomed the measure are deeply disappointed over non-implementation of the job five percent job quota for minorities. He said the beneficiaries of the job quota were 'not just more than a drop in the ocean' because of religious prejudice and discrimination.

We at LEAD took the concerned officials of the respective departments in many cases to the provincial ombudsman of Punjab. We have complaints that there are some Governments departments which have  not placed deliberately any advertisement for minority jobs.They are doing the same things based on religious prejudice and discrimination with religious minorities and the minority people  were only judged to be good for menial jobs.This is the mind set that systematically is being used against the minorities to make them economically weak but we at LEAD with the financial support of individuals constantly make efforts to uplift the religious minorities who are depressed and enervated sect of the society. 

LEAD in search for having cemented a partnership with other group and will continue to work together for the cause of justice in Pakistan vowing to defend the violation of Human Rights.