Wednesday, 5 May 2021


It is reality that over the past some years there has been an alarming surge in the accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan. Even within the days of pandemic, many of these accusations targeted individuals particularly Christians the most marginalized sect in society. It has been seen that the whole country suffered due to so called ego of religious sentiments called blasphemy. 

Last month in whole Pakistan, gun shots, sirens, fire and violent clashes looked like Pakistani were living in a war zone. Everywhere fear and death made insecure marginalized religious minorities sects particularly. Clashes flared up when Islamist Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan leader Saad Rizvi was arrested who earlier threatened Imran Khan's government with protests over expulsion of France’s ambassador from Pakistan. Finally yielding to Islamists’ demands, Pakistan decided to introduce a resolution in Parliament to expel the French ambassador and quashed all criminal cases registered against the banned radical Islamist party TLP. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, rather than said something to defend Pakistan citizens' human rights against false accusers, he equated denial of the Holocaust and genocide to criticism of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

Then the positive step was taken by member states of the EU. The European Parliament called on the Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) to immediately review Pakistan’s eligibility for GSP+ status in the light of current situation and whether there is sufficient reason to initiate a procedure for the temporary withdrawal of this status and the benefits that come with it, and to report to the European Parliament on this matter as soon as possible, according to the resolution. The question is this resolution would be helpful for Christian who are being persecuted in Pakistan. The answer is there is no other way how to request Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws which is a deadly weapon in the hands of blood thirsty revengers in the name of Islam. 

There is one recent incident that happened at a mental Hospital situated beside Services Hospital on Jail Road in Lahore which was established in the British era and patients with mental illnesses are being brought here from far and near Punjab for mental treatment. There is also a church inside the hospital where the Christian community, including the Christian hospital staff worships every Sunday. The church was occupied by Muslim nurses at the hospital on Tuesday 3rd May. The Muslims nurses claimed that they occupied Church for justification of an objectionable video released from France. Occupying Muslims nurses threatened and forced Christian nurses to accept Islam and demanded that the church must be demolished and Christian staff would not be allowed to worship at the hospital. And if they would not convert to Islam and to stop to Christian worship at the hospital, the blasphemy charges would be filed against Christian members. In view of the existing tensions, a committee consisting of senior doctors and members of the Punjab administration was formed and the matter was settled without taking any legal action against the Muslims nurses. This incident shows that Pakistani Government is helpless to handle the Islamists who are continually harassing Christians in Pakistan in the name of religion. Even the Christian leadership is under fear of persecution and gives statements to make happy Pakistani authority that Christians are safe in Pakistan where Islamists are wandering to hijack even Government authorities.

Reportedly last year in August 2020, during Pandemic, at least 42 cases concerning to blasphemy were registered across Pakistan in a single month. Most of those accused of blasphemy related to the Shia sect of Islam and were booked under sections 295-A and 298 of the Pakistan Penal Code for allegedly insulting the companions of Muhammad, including a Christian man namely David, was arrested in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Nowshera under the accusation of desecrating the Quran, the Islamic holy book Quran on August 30. Then in September 2020, a Session court Judge in Lahore, sentenced another Christian man, Asif Pervaiz, to death for sending "blasphemous" messages to his former supervisor in a factory where they were working and he was arrested in 2013 under blasphemy charges. 

On December 12, 2020, Nadeem Samson’s lawyer, Asad Jamal, was supposed to file the bail petition to the Lahore High Court for his release on bail. Instead, he withdrew the petition for bail. Three weeks later, Shakeel Anjum stated Jamal told him the court had rejected the request for bail. Mostly in such cases, lawyers paid by human rights organizations never prefer to get release the blasphemy accused on bail due to fear of attack by Islamist during trial.  On November 24, 2017, a man named Abdul Haq complained to Pakistani police that Nadeem Samson had created a fake Facebook account where he allegedly posted blasphemous material. Police arrested him and tortured him to admit the crime. He has been suffering in jail since 2017 and it is requested that the voices must be raised for justice and his release from jail.

In this year, in January 2021, a Christian staff nurse and gospel singer in Karachi, Pakistan was forced to go into hiding after she was accused of committing blasphemy by hospital colleagues. In February 2021, two Christian men Haroon Masih and Salamat Masih were arrested under accusations of blasphemy for preaching the Gospel to young Muslims in Lahore. Muslim student Haroon Ahmad filed complaint on February 13, 2021 against Haroon Masih and Salamat Masih accusing them of insulting Islam. In April, two Christian nurses were rescued by policemen from an enraged Muslim mob after being accused of blasphemy by their hospital’s staff in Pakistan. One Staff nurse Mariam Lal and other staff student nurse Mewish Urooj were detained by police after a blasphemy case under section 295-B of the blasphemy law was made by Dr. Mirza Muhammad Ali of Civil Hospital, Faisalabad.

The role of the EU and other western countries is extremely important to address the issues relating to religious freedom, human rights, and other humanitarian crises of peace, food, health and refugees including their permanent protection. These are those crises which much affect the marginalized sections of any society. In Pakistan, Christians are the most marginalized and defenseless community due to their poor treatment in Islamist society where religion is considered too sensitive to talk and the concept of religious freedom is totally ignored to practice. The matter of Christian persecution and their permanent protection is extremely important to address as they are being targeted by the Islamists who are against the western policies concerning to Islamic world. Those Islamists in revenge target Christians and abuse blasphemy laws to harm them. These blasphemy laws must be abolished at any cost because its future effects could be reached in other nations too if the steps of restraining will not be taken by the world authorities.

Sunday, 2 May 2021


It is advocated that religious freedom is the fundamental right of every human being. Every religion claims to give religious liberty to others considering that one of the basic teachings of its religion is a religious freedom, but most of the religious people do not practice it. Religious persons have many facets to deal with the matters of religion. If they would be in places where secularism is being advocated, they would be successful to give religious references about secularism. If the same religious people would be in places where religion is being taught, they would be successful to give religious instances to endorse the concept of religious extremism. It means that the practice of a man is important to note, where he stands, and the purpose of one's actions is extremely notable to know why, where and how one implements it.  

Religious Sectarianism is the best instance to understand how the religious differences affect the society which causes to promote Religious Extremism. Long-end repercussions of religious extremism would be spotted when the political objective of someone would be a religious narrative of one’s political achievements; and never ending footprints of religious extremism would be conceived when the religious objective of someone would be a political narrative of one’s religious achievements. It is too hard to tolerate of such breed of religious narrative which is the mother of all kinds of terrorism.

Blasphemy laws are the product of Religious Sectarianism which is the opposing perspective of religious freedom. It is a living deadly tool in the hands of dead minds people which is the creation of erudite pundits. Religion isn’t a tool of persecution of others and religious authority shouldn’t be abused for the victimization of individuals. Likewise, Politics isn’t a tool of persecution for one’s religious achievements and Political Authority shouldn’t be abused for exploitation of individuals. Religious and Political authorities are wheels of individuals’ evolution, no matter, either it relates to spiritual evolution or human evolution.

Religion should nurture love and kindness, and Politics should strive for peace on the foundation of love and kindness of that religion. Religious authority should gospelize for reconciliation, and Political authority should toil for justice. Religious authority without the spirit of reconciliation is like an empty vessel, and political authority without wishing justice is like burgling in a house of wilderness. People raising voices for religious freedom without asking for the abolishment of blasphemy laws is like a religious pundit who is preaching religion without spirituality.

The Best example is this which should be not only followed rather it must be implemented, the first is from the Spiritual Authority, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment the religion can give, and the second is also from spiritual Authority, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. If the religious authority and political authority collectively intercede to promote peace then they both intertwine and become one as a whole spiritual authority. This is a point of spirituality where there is no need for blasphemy laws and every individual can enjoy religious freedom without the fear of any kind of repression.

Friday, 8 November 2019

The Systematic Religious Discrimination Is the Most Extreme Form of Religious Persecution

The topic of Systematic Religious Discrimination is an extract from the second edition of the book titled: RELIGIOUS LIBERTY OR FREEDOM-THE POWER AND THE ROLE OF THE WEST, which is written by Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender Lawyer. Christians are the most peaceful people of the world, why because they are being persecuted and they do not claim to take arm and they will fight with their persecutors until their persecution will be no more, except they are right to say, they will not sit quietly, if the authority cannot do anything, they will cry out loud and loud, will cry, and weep in front of the authorities of the world. The next protest will be in Europe and then in the US. If the government does not take practical steps to protect Christians and punish the persecutors, the protests will be spread all over the world. Letters will be written to embassies and rulers around the globe. The European Union in France, the human rights organizations in Belgium, will be protesting outside the United Nations buildings in the United States. The Christian population of the village will be seeking assistance from the United Nations. But they will never ever say that they will take arms and will fight them until their persecution is no more.
Most of the authorities and governments not only ignore the victims of systematic religious discrimination but also oppose to accept them as in the list of persecuted persons. Menial and Sanitary jobs only for religious minorities is the Government Policy to make them marginalized which is an act of religious hatred against people of other religions. To marginalize people of other religion by Government policy is also a religious persecution.   The systematic religious discrimination is a poisoning and a dominant tool for persecution whose purpose is of cleansing and genocide of people of a religion or faith by making them marginalized due to their belief system. Someone can ask how it works for cleansing and genocide of a religion or faith. It is very clear, survey those who are being persecuted by this dominant tool of the systematic religious discrimination. The adverse effects of this dominant tool of the systematic religious discrimination can be categorized in the following ways. The first group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and be forced to leave their faith. The second group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and be forced to leave persecuting country. The third group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and they try to defend themselves resultantly they further be suffered and harmed, if they will be alive, be forced to flee. The fourth group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and they limit their religious practices and activities; finally surrendered before the persecutors. This is the persecuted group who are not enjoying their religious freedom with full liberty. The fifth group of persecuted can’t bear this systematic religious discrimination and they become a helping hand for the persecutors in some places or become silent on fellows’ religious persecution.
The defenders of religious freedom and persecution should advocate for the eradication of the systematic religious discrimination from the society at their first step because that is the aggressive tool in the hands of the persecutors. The West should have power to dominate those who are using this systematic religious discrimination as a blueprint for the genocide purpose. For doing this the meaning of persecution should be redefined, which is an actual persecution. In spite of all forms of systematic religious discrimination cum religious persecution in the genocide clamp, one cannot break the will of a man who insists on a dignified life trying to protect the gains made by paying heavy prices. In this context religion says: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? There is a way where Power should be used to protect persecuted and the west stop supporting persecuting nations and take decisive action to protect victims of systematic religious discrimination cum religious persecution. There are religious radicals and extremists in the regions of the globe who preach a barbaric version of their religion. It must be urged rejection of those who falsely and maliciously invoke religion or faith to spread agitation and hatred against other’s faiths or no faith.
Persecution as a response to religious belief is a violation of international law and requires a collective work to counter it. Where politics has become a religion, there discussion and debate for peaceful society becomes impossible, any controversy becomes heresy that involves persecution and so called holy campaign, mostly in non-Christian and Islamic nations where social justice is weak and biased. And no one can stay on sideline because conviction must be given a sign in order to avoid one is accused of heresy.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Why Muslims World Wildly Campaigning About Islamic Blasphemy Laws And Islamophobia?

On Friday, September 27, 2019, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi, wearing a navy blazer over a traditional shalwar kameez, addressed to the world leaders at United Nations General Assembly, New York. He attempted to explain the dangers of Islamophobia and why Muslims are sensitive to attack on the insult and ridicule of their Prophet Muhammad. He said that it was important to understand this. The Prophet Muhammad lives in their (Muslims) hearts. When he is ridiculed, when he is insulted, it hurts heart and heart pain is more severe than body pain. He also asked that if the word Christian terrorism is not used then why is the label of Islamic terrorism used?  He is considered as a moderate person and liberal Muslim political leader of Pakistan. 

Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan the first thing is that you have forgotten that you are not only the Prime Minister of Pakistani Muslims, but also of Pakistani religious minorities. The second thing is that you have forgotten that Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan have killed many innocent souls and many are suffering in jails. And the third and the most important thing is that you have forgotten that Muslims from a common Muslim to a learned Muslim are spreading hatred against other religions and faiths openly by giving references from Islamic sacred texts and history in Pakistan and in the world. The word Islamic terrorism is used because terrorism is taking place in the name of Islam. You have forgotten that Islamic history is full of such wars and terrors. Read Christian Revealed Texts (Gospel) and Islamic Sacred Text (Quran and Hadith), the reason and difference you will definitely get to know easily. Majority of Muslims believe that all non-Muslims are Kaffir, an insulting term used by majority of Muslims against non-Muslims, it is an inhumane act of the Muslims which is intentionally causing great suffering or serious mental injury to non-Muslims. But you have forgotten that also. After your speech majority of Muslims of Pakistan started to praise you and to admire you saying you are the true leader of the Muslims of the world. Yes this was in your mind that this would be happened.

If you have truly concerned that your Prophet Muhammad not be ridiculed or insulted, then take the first step, to remove those blasphemous contents from the sacred texts of Islam-Quran and Hadith, which ridicule and insult your Prophet Muhammad; and take the second step to ban and to restrain the Muslims who are insulting and ridiculing other religions or faiths openly and publically. These are major reasons that Muslims world has formed blasphemy laws and they are struggling to use UN forum to get endorsed these blasphemy laws for their ulterior motives. For example, Muslims say all religions are false and now they have no right for them to be followed. For Christians, they say that Christian’s faiths such as Jesus is the Son of God and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ etc., are false and the Bible is a corrupted and changed book. They practice it without bothering that this is the religious attack on someone and it will hurt his feelings. They think whatever they will say about other religion or faith and do is the divine right for them. Hence they formed blasphemy laws to protect Islamic faiths and doctrines so that no one can dare to give references from their sacred text Quran and Hadith which are against theirs Islamic doctrines, these both sources are full of those instances which are against theirs Islamic doctrines.

You are feeling pain of Muslim Minority in Kashmir and India, let the minorities of their own country Pakistan live without pain, when you are crying for so called religious persecution in Kashmir and ignoring Uighurs in China, then there is something wrong at the bottom. On this behavior and attitude of you Muslims one can say you are hypocrites and play game for gain either political or religious. 

We know that is the reason the Muslim world has formed and promulgated blasphemy laws and now they are using the term Islamophobia as a shield to attack people of other religion and faith and to save their own skin under this shield of Islamophobia. You have forgotten that Muslims of Pakistan say Christians are impure, Pakistani Media and government authorities are all same. Muslims are spreading hatred against Christians and other religious minorities openly and publicly and you are talking about Islamophobia in West.

Religion is an objective which has enlightened human beings in positive and constructive perspective. It is human nature that there are some persons that have a strong desire to criticize religion or its specific teachings and practices. The religious criticism of a man should be considered as a support for its followers or believers, because, it is the criticism by which the followers or believers get themselves familiar with those factors of religion which are unknown and untaught to its followers. There should not be destructive laws or blasphemy laws to be enacted to punish the critics of a religion in any country or nation. Religious critics must be welcomed and tolerated as it is being happened in politics, the politicians are being tolerated in spite of bitter disagreement. If there is a religion which is in need to protect itself and its sacred personalities by some restrictive and destructive laws-blasphemy laws, then we are right to say, there must be some basic aspects of that religion which are based on deceitful, Machiavellian and inharmonious norms. 

Christians and other religious minorities are victims of Islamic hatred and Islamic blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Mr. Khan you don’t know the pain of victims, who are in jails, illiterate Nabeel Masih is in jail just liking a picture of a Islamic building, Nadeem Samson, is in jail falsely accused of running a facebook, Sawan Masih, just on drinking alcohol awarded death sentence under blasphemy law, is in jail, many Christians' homes burnt into ashes. A poor innocent illiterate Christian couple, Shama and Shahzad, was burnt alive just on hearsay accusations of burning pages of some Quranic verses, two Christian brothers Qaiser and Amoon Ayub were sentenced to death, are in jail, and many other are suffering in Pakistani jails, and you are using blasphemy laws and Islamophobia as a religion card for political gain even on the UN forum.And lastly after your speech at UNGA,New York , Ploy Clinic and Pimse Hospital in Islamabad refused to keep the dead body of Christian woman in their Morgue Room.

The first thing the world must remember that the majority of the Persecuted Christians are the creation of the Islamic Countries and some are from other non-Christian majority nations. Pakistan is the one of those Islamic countries where every crime against humanity is being committed either by State actors or non-state actors, which is defined by the International Criminal Court. The second the most important thing is that Christians are being persecuted solely due to their Christians faith. They are not violent or trouble makers; and the sacred and revealed text, which they read and recite, is not the cause of the creation of violence and terror in any part of the world, wherever they are in minority or in majority. They just want to live in peace because they are peace and love promoters. They never say we will fight against those who are persecuting us. They never say they will take up arms against Government which is against Christianity and its faith. They bear and pray for all human beings because they know that they are only hope for peace and love for humanity.