Wednesday, 4 July 2012

One More threatening and alarming ,case of blasphemy,Muslim Mob burns man alive for burning Holy Quran

An angry Muslim mob lynched a man accused of burning the Holy Quran in the Chanighot area of Bahawalpur, burning him to death after pouring petrol on him on Wednesday ,for allegedly desecrating the Quran has raised religious tensions in the region that in recent weeks has seen multiple religiously motivated attacks.

Ghulam Abbas was arrested on Monday but was dragged out of his lock up yesterday by Muslim mob and set on fire at a crossroads in Chani Goth in Punjab province.
The police reached the spot to control the matter but the mob refused to hand over the accused and continued to torture him.DSP Ahmadpur Rana Naveed Mumtaz, SHO Chanighot Ghulam Muhaudin Gujjar and seven constables were also injured by the mob.
The controversial blasphemy laws in Pakistan have resulted in incarceration and the death penalty being handed to scores of people. Former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer was also shot down by his personal guard for supporting a Christian woman Aasia Bibi accused of blasphemy.
The fear of death is increased among the accused of blasphemy who are in different Pakistani jails,and the accused who are facing agony of trial of blasphemy cases also become terrified after this fearful incident. The human rights activists and organizations also under threats.
We condemn such incidents and demand from UN to make sure the life security of Christians in Pakistan.
LEAD request you all to be part of LEAD for the support of persecuted Church.


  1. God I lift up the muslim mob and the Christians of Pakastan to be guided by your words of wisdom. Stop this violence. Remove all the evil that surrounds them. Let there be peace. I ask in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. AMEN

  2. Heavenly father, I ask for the grace to suffer for the Name of Christ, and to die as the early martyrs did, with dignity and heads and hearts lifted to heaven, if my time to honor GOD in death should come, as I have tried to honor you in life. May this bring tormentors to know, that evil can be overcome with GOOD. I also pray for the family of the martyr, that they may know that their loved one has a great reward in heaven, and that they are the family of a martyr of Christ.

  3. May God give us the heart and might to overcome these torturing in Jesus' name!

  4. Eternal Father, creator of man and angels and all living beings acknowledge those who are dying in the name of your son Jesus. Protect them by keeping a fence around them and deliver them. Let your Holy Spirit go ahead.
    If Muslims want people of other faith to accept or take them serious in their beliefs then they have to stop torchering people of other faiths for their beliefs. Their manslaughter in the name of Allah and the Holy Quaran is killing & confusing the love of God, who bestows is love to all mankind. If we keep distancing ourselves from God, he will distance himself from us. Stop following the lies of the fallen one whose only purpose is to confuse the message and destroy.

  5. That is very unfortunate, sauvage, barbaric and atrocious. How can you set your fellow human being ablaze for a mistake. Differences in beliefs shouldn't lead to such gruesome cruelties being bandied about in the name of religion. God never authorizes any man to burn up his fellow man. I never know the kind of God they are serving. You people must grow up and embrace civilization and fellow-feeling! Life is sacrosanct and mustn't be dispatched unfortunately this way. May my Brother's precious soul live in perfect peace!

  6. Such continuous harrasment by fanatics is disgusting and christians shouldn't be silent spectators & cowards sitting at home.

    We need Davids who would overcome these Goliaths....

    Before Jesus started His ministry He had to first bind the strong man, it was only then that He could spoil his goods.

    The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness for the great confrontation with Satan. It was here, in the wilderness, that Jesus bound Satan by resisting his temptations. Because Jesus did not submit to Satan then Satan had no control over Him, Satan was bound.

    Matthew 12 v 29 says, “How can anyone enter into the house of the strong man and spoil his goods, unless he first bind the strong man? And then he will plunder his house”.

    I urge the body of Christ especially in Pakistan to fast & pray for 40 days and bind the strongman (evil strongholds, evil principalities and powers in Pakistan) and to loosen the bonds of believers - (just like how Peter was delivered by the angels when he was in Prison)...

    You would see remarkable real changes - and we join in claiming the victory in the mighty & victorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the glory of our great God Jehovah Nissi towards building of His kingdom.

    Keep pressing forward... don't lose hope...

    Yes, God of the peace (EL SHADDAI) will crush Satan under your (the body of Christ in Pakistan's) feet shortly....