Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pastor under the custody of police,how Church will grow?

Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947,according to the official census ,the number of Christians in Pakistan about 2.5 Millions and after passing 65 years,still the number is same according to Official record.

Pakistani Church remained always under threats of persecution but after the promulgation of blasphemy laws ,this persecution increased rapidly.
It is very alarming situation that Church is not growing due to persecution.Recently we received information that Pastor Mehboob Yaqoob was arrested by police and put behind the bars,this is the indication that where the Church is standing and what is the status of our Churches in Pakistan. we have concern for his release and reunite with his family.His wife told LEAD that she and her children were worried about the arrest of Pastor and they had nothing even to eat something.Pastor's Children are also worried and very sad.They have nothing to bear expenses of courts matters and for other of daily life.

LEAD request that you must pray for Pastor and his family.They are very upset and worried.



  1. Help them Lord Jesus! Do Lord! Glory to you Yeshua Messiah, Awww Come Quickly Lord!

  2. Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray for Your angels to take charge over them. Release Your power and let everyone see Your glory. Strengthen Pastor Yacoob. Whatever his situation, we know You are the Great God who can do the impossible. We declare that nothing harm shall fall upon him. We pray for those who are in the authority. Soften their hearts and may they see God in the life of Pastor Yacoob.We pray also for his wife and children. You are our great SHepherd, they will lack nothing. You will provide for them. Increase their faith more and more and remind them to completely trust in Jesus' name.AMEN!

  3. We pray for Pakistan Christians who suffer for Christ.

  4. Father God I come to You Right now Lord, Father Iloose Your Peace,Love,Joy. Your Salvation for each and every person that that dont know You that they will. Father I bind every spirit of the enemy send Your Angels Lord. In Mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.