Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Why Due to Christian Faith Pakistani Christians are treated and considered untouchable ?

It is very chopping fact that Christians in Pakistan are considered and treated untouchable people.
It will be very important to note in 21st century that Christians are treated and considered untouchable by Muslim majority on basis of faith and not allow to dine at any roadside vendor, restaurant and hotel which is worst type of hate on globe towards Christian in Pakistan. If any Christian on journey or away from home is hungry and attempts to eat in any Muslim owned dinner, he is beaten and tortured by Muslims and forced to pay for plates and glass in which he eats or any thing he have touched.
In Schools,colleges and other educational institutions students are treated as second degree citizen and they are told by Muslims teachers, Professors that Christian faith is false and Bible is Changed Book,
In industrial sectors mostly Christians are refused to give job by Muslims due to possessing Christian Faith and many are kicked out or blame of some accusation when he or she getting legal right to get increment or higher post.
Rev.Saleem Gill D.S Of Pattoki Church of Pakistan,what happened with him recently.    
Rev.Saleem Gill D.S.Pattoki Church Of Pakistan under the control of Lahore Diocese Bishop Alexander John Malik.He told that he with some school teachers went to a restaurant for taking lunch ,when they sat to eat their lunch ,they kicked out from restaurant because of being Christians.This is very chopping fact that such high profile persons are treated like this and this is very common and every Christian is treated like this,you can imagine what will be and how will be  treated poor Christians in Pakistan.
How Christians will be progressed in Pakistan?
Christianity came in Pakistan by western missionaries and from that very period to till now majority Christians are poor and even have not enough sources to get education for their Children,even they need and require to that their children work with them so that they can fill their mouth with food.
They are treated as untouchable people and everywhere they have to face discrimination.In such circumstances,it is not possible to get progress and that's why Christians are poor.
The Role of West in the progress of Pakistani Christians. 
As Pakistani Christians are converted to Christianity due to western Missionaries,due to persecution,discrimination and unequal facilities Christians are backwards and have not much sources to get progress.The west can play a very positive role which somehow already playing for the progress of Pakistani Christians.
President LEAD Missionary Mushtaq Gill request you all be part of LEAD and support its projects for the defense of Christians' Rights in Pakistan by your donations,gifts and sharing with your friends and raising voice with LEAD.

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