Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Is it target killing of Christians?Five Christian Family members Killed.

Five family members killed by some unknown persons. Dr.Babar with his family was living in Muhala Ahmad Town,Okara,yesterday he ,his wife Shugufta Babar teacher by profession in Convent High School,GT Road,Okara,his sister in Law Samina BiBi and two Children,one is girl 12 years old Zanib and other is boy 15 years old Zarish were killed by some unknown persons.Their throats were cut down by some sharp knife.
The fear of persecution is always remained in the hearts of Christians,after this incident the fear is increased and Christians feel insecure their lives in Pakistan. The Police is under process of investigation regarding this deadly incident. This is very sad news that at one time five deaths and killed by cutting their throats.This is very terrifying act of killers.
LEAD condemns these murders of five family members and demands from Government to do justice with family and must punish the killers after tracing them.


  1. This is my area Here we have a problem We are facing difficulties please lead us

  2. This is my area here we have a problem Here we are facing difficulties please lead me

  3. May the good LORD and our God keep them in His bossom.

  4. Trace and shoot them infront of people

  5. I sent legions of angle right now, in the NAME of The Almighty, Christ Jesus to aid and protect all followers of the way, of Christ Jesus. Heavenly Father the God of Abraham, Let it be written, so it be done. Amen.

  6. Steven Northern Ireland.18 June 2012 at 05:41

    Another sad incident in the ongoing genocide of Christians by the "so called" Religion of peace, Islam!
    This ongoing persecution is never highlighted by the press here in the UK or the "so called" international community.
    We, one day, will have to destroy Islam before they destroy us!