Friday, 23 March 2012

Mr.Khuram Masih Accused of Blasphemy ,Trial Is Initiated In Session Court Lahore

On dated 5 December 2011 ,there was registered a blasphemy case FIR NO 1211/11 at Police Station Shahdara Town Lahore against one poor Christian young man Mr.Khuram Masih.
These are some facts regarding the case, the eye witnesses according to police file are two Muslim girls ,one is Anita age 14 years and other is Sundas age 16 years and both are friends of wife of Mr.Khuram Masih Bano Sadiq ,and they both often came to visit them. They both blamed that Mr.Khuram had set on fire some pages of Quran.Sensitivity and danger of life for accused of such blasphemy cases.
When such issue is raised, the police without fulfilling the requirements of Procedural law put the accused behind the bars and lodged immediately case against the accused due to external pressure.The same pressure is always on courts as well; in Khuram Masih case same was happened. First bail petition was dismissed by session court declaring sensitivity of case and same from High court.
Now the trial is initiated in session court, and court itself is getting permission from Registrar of High Court for granting permission of jail trial due to apprehension of some danger .This is the order of Court:
“An application has been moved by learned DDPP for jail trial of the accused. The allegation against the accused is defiling of Holy Quran and the accused belongs to Christian Community. Therefore, there is apprehension of danger to his life and outward incident in court. Therefore, the request of learned DDPP seems to be plausible. A request is submitted to the worthy Registrar of Hon’able Lahore High Court Lahore for permission of jail trial of the accused “.
Now we are very clear from this order of court that if the accused is out of jail he may be shot dead at any time. This is the same position and situation with other accused of blasphemy cases. Once somebody is involved in blasphemy case, he will not be safe and sound from such apprehension of danger of life.
Pray for the accused of blasphemy cases because they are under hanging sword of death, in jails and out jails and during the court and after the acquittal or conviction from blasphemy cases.
Pray for LEAD and its team, and be part of LEAD by prayer, telling and sharing with your friends and supporting for the cause of these accused of blasphemy cases and for the betterment of Christians community in Pakistan.


  1. We are praying for your financial needs LEAD.Be Continue it ,We are with you.

  2. Thanks God be with you,LEAD is committed to uplift the Christian Community so that we can also play a positive role in nation building.

  3. It is really great task which is being performed by LEAD.God bless you.Rev.B.M.Asher

  4. Thanks for encouraging words ,brother Rev.B.M.Asher

  5. Pastor Mushtaq Gill you are doing great Job.The work which you are doing was the work of our Pakistani Christian Leader ship but unfortunately they are sleeping and they are all puppet Leaders.

    1. We are LEADERS of our new generation,we are new generation's revolutionary LEADERS ,we will work with passion for our poor and innocent Pakistani Christian nation,because we know the real and root levels problems which our brothers and sisters are facing and suffering in Pakistan.LEAD will be with all our brothers and sisters who are persecuted.Thanks a lot brother,please you must mention your name and contact when you comment.God bless you.

  6. I consider that a good lead. They can start from there.