Thursday, 22 March 2012

Why Jail Trial of Christians Accused of Blasphemy, Blasphemy Laws and Christians’ Future in Pakistan, sensitive nature of investigations and trials

After the promulgation of blasphemy laws which were introduced by General Ziaul Haq in 1986.A lot of cases were to be registered against innocent Christians out of personal vendetta, in which some were declared and proved innocent from courts, yet routinely no action is taken against complainants whose accusations prove to be false after due investigations and the fear of death yet would be hanging on them.
In Pakistan ,there are two main community are living one is majority(Muslims) and other is minority(Christian , Hindu,Sikh , Ahmadi, Bu-dist and some other).
It is said that the promulgation of blasphemy laws is not against the particular group of people or against minority and the examples of cases which are given as proof against those who are Muslims.It is fact that there are a number of cases against Muslims also,but it is also fact that if the case is registered or issue of blasphemy raised against some Muslim ,they have many edges than Christian or other minority.The investigation should be conducted fairly ,trial should be with out any external pressure or other threats,so ultimately they are declared innocent because they possess Muslim faith.
The cases which are registered against Christians ,first of all by prosecutor ,it is requested to High authority for jail trial due to sensitivity of case and due to Christian faith of accused.
This is happened in many courts that accused of blasphemy cases are murdered during the hearing of courts for trial of such accused.
Constitution of Pakistan 1973 also only saves and promotes Muslims faith,Minority has been given fundamental rights but with limitations.
LEAD is supporting and defending such accused and also giving free legal aid to persecuted in different kinds of cases,be part and be support of LEAD and its projects.LEAD believes in this verse ,Revelation 2:10 ... Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.


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