LEAD-(Legal Evangelical Association Development) is an organization, a REGISTERED  relief, development , advocacy and Free legal aid organization dedicated to working with children, families , communities , Churches and different denominations to overcome poverty and injustice. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are motivated by God's love to serve all people regardless of race, religion, denomination, gender or ethnicity.



Expected outcomes:

Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) is expected to:

  1. To contribute in the field of Human Rights work across the globe and religious Liberty for every one in this world and for all minorities.
  2. To contribute to promote religious tolerance among majority and religious minority communities of Pakistan.
  3. To take steps to discourage religious intolerance,discrimination and violence.
  4. To represent victims of Religious Persecuted through Courts and to advocate on their behalf through Media and at different forums.
  5. To represent victims of sexual abused and abducted in courts and to raise voice by media for their justice.
  6. To make efforts to decrease the fear of insecurity among Religious Minorities Groups in Pakistan particularly Christians.
  7. To educate Religious Minorities about their rights and make struggles to encourage them how they can uplift marginalized groups educationally ,socially and economically. 
  8. To promote and support women rights by arranging seminars and work shops,and to represent women whose rights are being violated by any kind of discrimination base on gender,caste ,and creed etc ;and to discourage forced marriage,forced conversion and honor killing of women.
  9. To raise the issue of bonded labor,Child labor and work to make aware them with their rights,specially support them to make them register with NADRA etc.
  10.  To promote religious freedom in Pakistan for the promotion of peace among people because the violation of religious freedom is in every nation and people.

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