Sunday, 25 March 2012

Now Pakistani Court Will Decide The Fate Of Second Christian Woman Martha Bibi Accused Of Blasphemy After Giving Death Sentence To Asia Bibi

Martha bibi accused of blasphemy,today visited LEAD President Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill in his office and told her agony and hardships which she and her family is facing and suffering due to allegation leveled against her.
On dated 22 January 2007,a blasphemy case under section 295C PPC was registered at Police Station Changa Manga,FIR No.33/07 against Martha Bibi and the same day she was arrested and put behind the bars after beaten and tortured by Muslims.
On dated 30 April 2007,the bail petition was accepted by Lahore High Court Lahore which was filled by Mr.Sharafat Qasim Gill Advocate High Courts,after submitting and furnishing Rs.100,000/ one surety in the like amount to the satisfaction of the trial court.
How Martha Bibi's fate is fighting during this blasphemy case?
On dated 2 June 2007,the petition was filed in Lahore High Court Lahore under section 526 Cr.P.C for the transfer of case from District Kasur to District Lahore due to some apprehensions of killing out of court or during proceeding of the Court, which was accepted and case was transferred to Session Court Lahore for trial.
On dated 15 July 2008,from the court of Mr.Abdul Qayyum Additional Session Judge,Lahore issued non bailable warrants,on dated 9 August 2008 the application for recalling of order dated 15 July 2008 was filled and which was accepted.
On dated 18 January 2011,the order of closing right of cross examination of Martha Bibi was passed by Mr.Mehar Muhammad Yousaf,Additional And Session Judge,Lahore.This is the time when Asia Bibi 's news was spreading all over the world and the world experienced the consequences of blasphemy laws and fate of victims of these laws and also the fate of persons who defend or support the victims of blasphemy laws.The World experienced and watched the assassination of two high profile personalities of ruling political party of Pakistan.
What is the plan and purpose of God in Martha bibi's life?
Now the last evidence is remained to cross examination of which next date of hearing is 2 April 2012.After this the fate of Martha bibi will be decided by additional and session Judge Lahore.
God knows better what is His plan and purpose for Martha Bibi and her family.
Role Of LEAD,during the allegation of blasphemy leveled against Martha Bibi and during the trial of this case.
We believe in Jesus and Gospel's teachings,we wanted and still want to save her life and whole of her family members's lives for this we supported and struggled and fought for saving her life with the help and support of some good heart our brethren in Christ AI , Jubilee Campaign ,Brother Paul,David and some other.
LEAD's Request For Martha Bibi 's Life Which Is Under Hanging Sword.
LEAD is supporting and defending the cause of the accused of blasphemy laws and persecuted. Further information regarding to save Martha Bibi's life contact by phone with president LEAD or send email to him.
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  1. We are standing with you LEAD.Be blessed in Christ's Mission work.
    Ijaz Farhat
    Advocate High Court

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  3. Thanks God bless you all,LEAD wishes a better and secured future of Pakistani Christian Community.

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    2. We know the root levels problem and difficulties which our brothers and sisters are facing and suffering due to Christian Faith in Pakistan,so for this LEAD's work is different from others.

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    Yours in Christ
    Dickson G. Waweru

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