Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Bail Petition In High court Lahore Dismissed and Direction was Granted By Court For Completion Of Trial within Three Months Of Christian Young man Khuram Masih Accused Of Blasphemy

Lead's Lawyers Mr.Farhad Tirmazi and Mr.Hadayat Bashir told Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill that bail petition of blasphemy accused Mr. Khuram Masih dismissed by Lahore High Court.The court gave direction to trial court to make decision of the case within three months.

The right of bail is very precious legal right of accused in Pakistani Courts,and it is always appreciated by Courts if timely requested for this right of bail if the accused is innocent and if the accused is not innocent then it is always appreciated to be late if filing bail petition.

LEAD always prefer to avail this legal right at the very first stage of legal proceeding.

LEAD filed bail application of Martha Bibi accused of blasphemy under section 295C PPC and bail was granted,and there are many other cases in which LEAD sought bail and different courts granted.

This is very common in the cases of blasphemy that courts as well as police officials are under pressure by Extremists,and due to this the accused of blasphemy has to bear the agony of such cases.
Now LEAD will fight and defend the trial of Mr. Khuram Masih by its lawyers Mr.S.M.Farhad Tirmazi and Mr.Hadayat Bashir Gill advocates High Courts.
President Of LEAD Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill request you all to give LEAD your prayer support so that the trial of Mr.Khuram will be in favour of this innocent Christian Young man.

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