Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Khuram Shahzad:Blapshemy Accused Appeared In Trial After Bail

Today after release from jail,Khuram Masih also known as Khuram Shahzad appeared in trial court,and LEAD's lawyers submitted in trial court two applications one for his acquittal and other for his exemption from personal attendance in the Court during the trial.
It is submitted in the trial court that Mr.Shahzad is an innocent and falsely has been involved with malafide intention and ulterior motives by local police with the active connivance of the complainant.It is further submitted in the trial court that because of this false allegation of blasphemy under section 295 B PPC,the whole family of Mr.Shahzad is very unsafe,their lives are at stack and under threats,the family has been forced to leave the locality.Actually keeping in view some previous cases,it is fear that Mr.Khuram will be murdered during trial,as some accused in such cases have been killed while appearing in court for trial.It is also requested to trial court to acquit Mr.Shahzad as the case is false and baseless.

Prayer Request for acquittal from blasphemy allegation and safety of life of Mr.Shahzad and his family
Mr.Shahzad's father is very conscious about his son and very fearful and under threats,he requested LEAD's National Director Advocate Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill that his family is very upset,fearful and remain always under threats and LEAD will do some thing for the safety of his family and specially Mr.Shahzad.

 LEAD is a Christian  relief,development and advocacy organization dedicated and committed to work with passion for Children,families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice,specially for discrimination,forced labour and forced conversion and falsely accused of blasphemy laws.We request to be partner in this mission with LEAD,as followers of Jesus,we are motivated by God's love to serve all people regardless of race,religion.gender or ethnicity.

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