Tuesday, 23 October 2012


 Today 23 October 2012,there is meeting with main counsel of Martha Bibi Advocate Malik Amjad Pervaiz and LEAD's legal penal Mr.Aric John ,Hadayat Bashir advocate High Court along with National Director LEAD and President PCC,Advocate Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill regarding the trial proceedings of Martha Bibi who was falsely alleged blasphemy and in which next date of hearing was fixed 3 November 2012 for last witness of cross examination ,which was failed  to appear in the court from very long time instead of issuing again and again summoning notices,after this conclusion of cross examination of last witness the decision will be announced on final arguments. 
It was discussed that in the country the atmosphere of blasphemy issue is on peak and in such circumstances ,the court will not show courage to make order of her acquittal and it was also decided that there was no need to file application of closing the right of witness as Martha bibi is on bail and it is the need of present situation to make such delaying tactics as long as possible.  
Advocate Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill said thanks for all legal help and support without  taking any remuneration to Mr.Malik Amjad Pervaiz Advocate Supreme Court,he is very happy to support in this case of Martha Bibi and he shared that Martha Bibi was involved due to ill will of complainant.
Brief History of Martha BiBi Case.
On dated 22 January 2007,a blasphemy case under section 295C PPC was registered at Police Station Changa Manga,FIR No.33/07 against Martha Bibi and the same day she was arrested and put behind the bars after beaten and tortured by Muslims.
On dated 30 April 2007,the bail petition was accepted by Lahore High Court Lahore which was filled by Mr.Sharafat Qasim Gill Advocate High Courts,after submitting and furnishing Rs.100,000/ one surety in the like amount to the satisfaction of the trial court.

LEAD is supporting and fighting for the rights of Christians in Pakistan specially falsely blasphemy accused.Advocate Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill told that he has got law degree after facing many problems during the dealing of the case of Martha Bibi,he shared that victims always prefer to get relief from Court and the victims never prefer to demand any kind of financial help and support instead of legal relief,and the bail is the such right which must be seek with all legal experts and skills and with honesty and the lawyers have to avoid from delaying tactics while accused in jails.LEAD is committed to make sure of victims of blasphemy the speedy legal relief and should avoid delaying tactics which is itself injustice with victims.
Appeal for support of LEAD's projects.
It is our request you all readers to support LEAD and its projects for the strong leadership of Christians of Pakistan and for the development and growth of Christian faith in Pakistan.
At present LEAD's requirements are following on preference basis.i.Office for LEAD's law Chamber ii.Conveyance for LEAD's lawyers.
LEAD request whole international and national community that you must make learned leadership for Christians of Pakistan so that our strong voice could be raised on different forums for the rights of Christians. 

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