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The fight of faith,One More Christian Student Youth Under the Hanging Sword of Blasphemy Laws

KARACHI PAKISTAN, (Pastor Naveed Paul and Stephen ): Rimsha’s case is still grabbing the headlines, Khuram Masih's bail hearing is pending in Lahore High Court,Martha Bibi's trial is in the court ,Mr,Sajjad Masih's trial also has been started and another case of blasphemy was reported to police on Wednesday, 10th October.
The house of accused Mr.Ryan Brain Patras (Boy) was ransacked and furniture was set on fire in a violent protest, this time was not in a slum but in a middle-class neighborhood of Gulshan-i-Iqbal Karachi.
Mr.Ryan Brain 16 years old reading in 9th class Cambridge School along with  his only sister 15 years old Ms.Saveena, Christian boy has been accused of sending text messages containing ‘blasphemous’ contents to his Muslim friends,told today uncle of Ryan Mr.Stephen to LEAD's National Director and President PCC,Advocate Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill.
Brief history of this family:
Mr.Ryan is the grandson of Mr.N Patras who was well known political leader and was struggling and fighting with Mr.S.P.Singha, well known Christian political leader at the time of partition they both played their role actively.
Mr.Ryan's father Mr.Brian N. Patras was a businessman as car rental (now paralyzed patient) and mother Ms.Robina Brian is doing job as a superintendent at the SSGC and after this case she was suspended from job by SSGC ,and after five years she will be retired from job.The family was living at SSGC staff colony and this is the single Christian family which was living among other all Muslims families,located at the junction of University Road and Abu AL Hasan Ispahani Road, Karachi,told Stephen.He also added that one year ago almost same kind of issue was raised against this same young man but luckily the situation was cooled down. 

Case registered:
A blasphemy case was registered bearing FIR No 432/2012 Under Section 295-C  PPC , Under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act and Under Section 25-D of the Telegraph Act was later registered at the Mobina Town police station,on the complaint of Khursheed Alam,Chief Manager of SSGC.
Police said that the boy was accused by the residents that he had sent some text messages containing blasphemous contents to his Muslim friends,but Stephen told that his mobile was used by his Muslims friends.
However, apparently after realizing the gravity of the situation the family had vacated the house and been placed in some unknown place under the custody of CIA Police, said a senior police officer of the area "told Stephen".
“Had they not left the house, the situation could have been really bad,” the officer observed.
On Wednesday, the enraged people ransacked the house and set fire to the household articles, including the bed, washing machine and fridge, after bringing them out on to the main University Road.
The protesters also raised slogans against the family.
After the turmoil, police reached the scene and tried to appease the protesters assuring them that police would register the case.
They have only our family  in Pakistan who are their relative and we are also under fear of feeling of insecure,told Stephen uncle of Mr.Ryan  accused of blasphemy,he also added that his nephew Mr.Ryan also often visited his house with some of his Muslim friends.
People scared
Describing the trend as very dangerous, in which the Christians were and are being targeted repeatedly and they are fearful and feeling insecure due to fight of faith.
Earlier in December 2011 two cases of blasphemy registered against Khuram Masih and Sajjad Masih ,the story of Sajjad Masih is same as Mr,Ryan and one an other case registered against Sajid at FarooqaBad story is same as Khuram Masih's case , a 14-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, had been accused of blasphemy by a cleric in a suburban neighborhood of Islamabad. She was finally released by a court on bail and had to be airlifted to an undisclosed location for security reasons.
Earlier in 2009, under FIR No. 767, dated 28.11.2008 under sections 295-c/109 PPC, 25-D Telegraph act, Pakistani Additional Session Judge, Muhammad Sarfraz Akhter in Rawalpindi has acquitted the accused Hector Aleem, Basharat Khokhar and Robin Masih in the same kind of case.
The court stated in its order, “in nutshell on the basis of illegalities committed by investigating agency of the police and prosecution agency the prosecution has failed to prove the charge against all the said accused persons. They are therefore, hereby acquitted of the charges.
Mr.Stephen and Pastor Naveed Paul request LEAD to help and support the family
LEAD's National Director and President Of PCC,Advocate Mushtaq M.Gill is requested by Mr.Stephen and Pastor Naveed Paul for legal support and guidance in this case and Mr.Gill made the satisfied and shared that LEAD's team will play its role for legal support in this case.
LEAD is an Human Rights  and Christian Rights organization helping and supporting persecuted Church in Pakistan and working for the uplift of Pakistani Poor Christians.
LEAD request you to be partner in this our fight against injustice,discrimination ,targeted abuses of blasphemy laws,inequality,and for the promotion of justice ,religious freedom,equality ,rule of law.We are thankful for your continue financial support and prayers.  

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