Friday, 25 January 2013

Death Convicted of blasphemy,Younis Masih in Jail awaiting for justice

Lahore:(LEAD),January 23,2013,Younis Masih’s appeal against death sentence and fine of Rs.100,000 under the blasphemy is pending  with the DB (Double Bench) of the Honorable Justice Mr.Najam-Ul-Hasan and the Honorable Justice Mr.Mahmood Maqbool Bajwa in the Lahore High Court Lahore since September 2012 for the final arguments.

The trial was conducted by LADS lawyers and appeal was also filed by LADS's lawyers in June,2007 bearing Muder Ref.263 of 2007 and appeal No.711 of 2007 in Lahore High Court Lahore against death sentence of Younis Masih which was reopened in September 2012.

The court hearing of the blasphemy case was fixed for January 23, 2013.Mr.Sardar Mushtaq Gill advocate with LEAD's team was present during court hearing,when the case was called for arguments there were about 40 Muslims ,who were with black turbans, for putting pressure on the Honorable Court.Ch.Naeem Shakar Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan requested to the court that arguments should be heard in the Court Chamber but Honorable Court encouraged by saying "No need to be scared and we have to discuss all such issue in open court",this is the indication that the honorable court is not under any kind of pressure from the extremists. The state lawyer requested to  the Honorable Court that he had not yet received the case file therefore he requested for adjurnmnet . The Honorable Justice ordered for the date in office which will be fixed later by the court office. 

 These are the following persons, who were present in the court,on last hearing of 23 January, 2013.LADS's lawyers Mr.Naseeb Anjum advocate High Court ,Mr.Mian Bashir Saif advocate High Court and three clerks of LADS,Mr.Ejaz Khokhar,Mr.Mubarak Masih and Mr.Aslam Masih, and Mr.Liaqat John Advocate High Court associate of Ch.Naeem Shakar (Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan) and Ch.Naeem Shakar's court clerk.There were also present in the Court Mr.Robinson Advocate High Court,Mr.Ezra Shujat Advocate High Court and his son,and Mr.Joseph Francis and his two lawyers and two clerks.

The allegation on Younis Masih of blasphemy was same as is on Martha Bibi accused under blasphemy whose trial still is being conducted in Additional and session judge Lahore.One more shocking and considerable thing that the wordings of allegation was almost same on both Younis Masih and Martha Bibi.Martha Bibi is on bail which was allowed in 2007,her trial is being conducted in which last cross examination is remained.After this the arguments will be argued for final decision of the Court.

We are thankful for God for justice which will be done for Rimsha Masih  by Pakistani Courts.The allegation on Rimsha Masih was almost same as on Khuram Shahzad accused of blasphemy under section 295 B PPC.He has been allowed bail by Lahore High Court Lahore on dated 22 October 2012.The application has been submitted in the Court for dismissing charge against Khuram Shahzad be cause he had not acted any blasphemy.

LEAD is a Christian relief,development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with Children,families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.As followers of Jesus,we are motivated by God's grace and love to serve all people regardless of race,religion gender or ethinicity. 

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