Monday, 18 February 2013

One an other attempted abduction and rape case of Christian girl

Pattoki:While the rape case of Christian girl Fouzia BiBi is still under investigation .Further violence and pressure on the victim family and also on LEAD to avoid  proceedings in this case and both are facing some problems including financial crisis.

One an other attempted rape and abduction case comes on surface of Christian girl Saba Bibi at Village Baghiana Kilan at police Station Phool Nagar,District Kasur.    

On 17 February 2013,when Saba BiBi was working in fields of Landlord,there appeared one Muslim man namely Muhammad Akram(also known as Amar) armed with Pistol and forced her to take some secret place with intention of rape and she started to weeping and crying loudly.The culprit also torn  her clothes and made her naked,"told Naziran Bibi her mother".
LEAD's Chief Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill was requested by local Union Council Member Mansha Masih to intervene the case.The complaint has been filed in Police Station Sadar Bhai Pheru in which demanded to take legal action against culprit.

"We are very poor and working on Brick-kiln and also under heavy debt loan which is Rs.200,000/- ,we have to do daily work for earning daily bread if we do not work daily how we will be able to feed our children,and it will be difficult to follow up the case in court,told Anwar Masih victim girl's father".

The plight of  Christian girls and women  who have been forced for conversion to Islam ,kidnap ,abduction ,rape and sexual assault in Pakistan has been on large number published and  confined to run-of-the mill articles in the local and international press, sluggish cases in the courts, and common expelled charges due to bribes and personal influence, threats of further violence and family pressure on the victims to avoid at a great distance ‘remorse’.

On August 14, another Christian girl, 12-year-old Muqadas Kainat  was ambushed in a field near her home in Sahawil by five Muslim men who "gang raped and murdered" her.

In every one of these cases, Police either failed to act or sided with the culprits or the victim himself fail to follow the case.

A large number Christian children in Pakistan are being mangled in silence, with their stories never emerging due to pressure or their financial problems even they are provided free legal aid.LEAD is a Christian relief,development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with Children,families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.As followers of Jesus,we are motivated by God's grace and love to serve all people regardless of race,religion gender or ethnicity.We ask for support for fiscal needs for the continuity of work which LEAD doing in Pakistan. We are thankful for all who are financially supporting LEAD’s work for the Persecuted Church. We pray for more who have same vision for the Persecuted Church, to be our partners in this noble cause.

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