Monday, 16 June 2014

Petitions Filed For Cancellation Of Bail Of The Alleged Culprits Of The Badami Bagh Incident dismissed

Lahore:LEAD filed the petitions Nos.6609/CB/2013 and 6863/CB/2013 for cancellation of bail in the Lahore High Court,Lahore last year on 4th of June,2013, against the decision of granting bail to the nominated “extremists” in the FIR for torching a Christian neighborhood, Jospeh Colony in Badami Bagh area of Lahore.On behalf of The State a number of petitions for cancellation of bail were also filed in the Lahore High Court.

"All the petitions were dismissed on June,5,2014".

A case of arson attack was registered FIR NO.114/13 under Sections 324, 353,397, 427, 436, 148 and 149,186 A PPC and 7-Anti-Terrorism Act on behalf of the state against 83 nominated and thousands of unidentified extremists in which some were arrested including the names of some influential people, and a large crowd was seen protesting against their arrest outside the Court, just a day after their arrest.

All the accused had been granted bails, as some of them obtained post-arrest bails and on the other hand some were granted pre-arrest bails by Judge Muhammad Islam of Anti-Terrorism Court No. II – Lahore,on 14th May,2013.

On 27 March,2014 the trial court of Mr.Choudhary Ghulam Murtaza additional and session Judge,Lahore announced a judgement in the case of Sawan Masih,accused of blasphemy,case FIR No.112/2013 under section 295 C of PPC."The accused Sawan Masih is hereby convicted under section 295-C PPC and sentenced him to death.He shall be hanged by neck till he be dead.He is also awarded fine Rs.200,000/- in default of payment of fine 6 months S.I."

"Masih is yet beind the bars and he is awaiting for justice",Told Gill. 

On the other hand in the appeal case hearing has been cancelled fifth time on 27 May,2014 again in the case of Asia Bibi, the Christian mother of five sentenced to death for blasphemy.The judges avoid the responsibility of deciding what to do with such a delicate case.We have been informed that no one wish to hear this case and no hope to be fixed again before summer vacation.

Since the accusation Bibi is languishing in jail and yet she is in waiting of her appeal decision.The world is minutely observing this case.The judiciary, meanwhile, faces perpetual pressure from the fanatics, a pressure that often jeopardizes the delivery of justice.

A Christian member of the Balochistan Assembly was gunned down by his own security guard in Quetta on Saturday.He was known to take care of a church in Mastung, and would often preach Christian literature.He was also a rights activist and running an NGO.This is a second shock to Christian community of Pakistan after Shahbaz Bhatti's assassination.

Pakistan is not just facing a string of attacks on minorities; it is facing defeat from elements that have successfully destabilized the country and continue to do so. People feel terrorized and are wondering whether they will be next, deliberating whether they should have an exit plan prepared.We appreciate and stand with Government which have now taken step to eradicate the terrorists.We wish to see that Fundamentalist state should be finished , where religious minorities are unsafe .

LEAD is an advocacy and free legal aid Christian faith based organization which request to all Human Rights Organizations to stand with us.We are very much thankful for those who are supporting our human rights work in Pakistan. 

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