Thursday, 16 October 2014

Court Dismissed The Appeal of Asia Bibi Against Death Conviction

LAHORE:Today,October 16 ,the appeal case of Asia Bibi was heard in the Division Bench ,Lahore High Court,Lahore.The Court announced its decision with dismissing the appeal of Asia Bibi which was filed against the death conviction.

The appeal was delaying a number of times by the court ,then on June,24,2014 LEAD filed petition in Lahore High Court,Lahore for the re-fixation of earlier hearing of Asia Bibi's appeal case which was heard on June 25th.The Court  ordered to office of Lahore High Court to explore the scope of fixation of appeal hearing of Asia Bibi near future and ordered for submitting report within three days which was submitted on June 27th.Again the petition fixed for June 30th,the Court told the lawyers that according to the report, submitted by the Office of LHC,the appeal of Asia Bibi proposed to be fixed for September 9,2014. 

"As we have  already pledged to do all we can to help free Asia Bibi,now we have to avail the remedy of law of second appeal which we will file in The Supreme Court of Pakistan",told Gill.

Facts of Asia Bibi's case:

There was  registered a case FIR No.326/2009 on dated 19 June,2009 at Police Station Saddar Nankana Sahib against Asia Bibi wife of Ashiq Masih by the complaint of a Muslim Cleric Qari Muhammad Sallam, under section 295 C PPC and on 12 July,2009 Complete Police Report (Chalan) was submitted in the court of Mr.Naveed Iqbal Additional and Session Judge,Nankana Sahib.

The allegation which was leveled against Asia Bibi:

The brief facts of the case according to the FIR lodged by Qari Muhammad Saalam that on dated 14 June,2009,the complainant of this case,are that Asia Bibi wife of Ashiq Masih who is Christian lady and a Christian Preacher along with the other ladies of the village were plucking Falsa from the garden belonging to one Muslim landlord Mr.Muhammad Idrees son of Ali Ahmed.It was stated in FIR that Asia Bibi delivered the derogatory remarks towards Muhammad(Prophet of Islam) by stating that he ............She further stated that The prophet of Muslim  got married with Khadeja ....... and also stated that The Quran is not the book of Allah but it was a man made book,this is the allegation which was told by Muslim women Afia Bibi,Mafia Bibi and Yasmeen Bibi to the complainant and the other people of village.

The Conviction of Asia Bibi:

She was convicted under section 295 C PPC and sentenced to death subject to the confirmation of Honourable High Court and she was also ordered to pay PKR.100,000/- as a fine and in default she was further ordered to undergo S.I for a period of six months on dated 8 November,2010 by the trial Court of Mr.Muhammad Naveed Iqbal,the learned Additional and Session,Judge,Nankana Sahib.

The Assassination of two high profile personalities: 

Asia was visited in jail by the Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who himself was shot dead in January 2011 by his own body guard for supporting the Christian  woman. Governor Taseer had remarked: “Frankly, it’s up to God to decide whether I’m a Muslim or not, and not some illiterate mullah to decide I’m a Muslim or not.”

On March 2, 2011, Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian minister in the Pakistan government was mowed down for opposing the blasphemy law.

The Appeal against conviction:

The Criminal appeal No.2509 of 2010 was filed on dated 11 November,2010 by the lawyer Mr.S.K Chaudhry,Advocate High Court,in Lahore High Court,Lahore in which the relief was claimed as that the appeal may please be accepted and impugned judgement and order of sentence may kindly be set aside and the appellant/Asia Bibi may please be acquitted of the charge.
Prayer Request By Chief of LEAD,Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill to all National and International Churches and Ministries to pray for wisdom,courage and safety for his team and for all victims of blasphemy who are suffering in jails due to faith and you all know every day, believers around the world risk banishment, beatings, imprisonment and death to follow Christ and take His Gospel farther. Perseverance often seems impossible, but when the Lord enables believers to stand strong, He works mightily through their sufferings.

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