Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Christian Couple Burnt Alive In Blasphemy

LAHORE:Today 4 November,2014 about 7:00 am ,a Christian couple (Shahzad and Shama Bibi with pregnancy) burned alive in a blasphemy at District Kasur's Town Kotradha Kishan Chak.No.59.The incident occured on the Brick Kiln of a Muslim Yousaf Gujjar,now he is under Police custody along with 37 other culprits.

Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender,head of LEAD was informed by a local Christian man and he rushed towards the place of occurrence of this dreadful incident along with his team.
These are the facts of happening of this  incidence which were told by a Muslim co.worker of the brick kiln factory Muhammad Rafique:
The couple was working on the brick kiln along with other four brothers of Shahzad and a few days ago the father of Shahzad,Nazar Masih,was died and on Sunday evening,the wife of Shahzad,Shama Bibi collected some belongings of the deceased including some trashing papers which she burnt and threw the dust on a heap of garbage.The head manager of the kiln factory Muhammad Afzal saw the dust of burnt papers in which some half burnt Quranic pages were seen by him and one other Muslim hawkers who belong to nearby villages.
The manager of kiln caught the couple and made hostage them in a room meanwhile the announcement was made in nearby villages and the couple wanted to flee from the spot but the owner of the kiln demanded his advance loan which the couple took from him and the kiln owner was agreed to release them and made them fled if they would pay back the debt.
On 4 November,early in the morning,the announcement wad made from the loud speakers of the Mosques of the nearby villages and in hundreds a Muslim charged mob attacked at the room where the couple was made hostage by the owner of kiln and from ceiling of the room some men entered and dragged out the couple and started beating them with clubs and fractured their legs and then the mob dragged the couple towards the kiln's furnace and burnt them alive.

In Pakistan,the use of blasphemy law is just to persecute the Christians and other who possess the opposite opinion than Islamic faith and belief.We request at LEAD to all you to raise your voice for the survival and safety of Christians and their faith in Pakistan which is not possible without the repeal of blasphemy law and struggle with us for religious liberty and rule of law. on the basis of equality. 

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