Sunday, 15 February 2015

The family of gang-rape victim girls are under pressure by the suspects

JARANWALATwo minor Christian girls from Jaranwala, Punjab, Farzana aged 14 and Sehrish aged 16 were gang raped by three Muslim men.An FIR 552/14 was registered against the alleged rapists at the Lundian Wala Police Station and one of them Sajad was arrested while two of the rapists, Azeem and Shahbaz managed to run away.Ilyas Masih,father of girls, has received death threats from Azeem to withdraw the rape case.

Now, a local political figure is reportedly pressuring the Christian family to withdraw their criminal complaint against the suspects who gang-raped the two underage Christian girls.

According to the FIR ,on December 3, 2014, three men abducted the Christian girls from outside their home and held them all night subjecting them to repeated rape and torture while their father, Ilyas Masih, searched for them in vain until the distraught girls returned home in the morning.
According to local Pastor,on February 10th ,2015 two men on motorbike stopped outside girls home and shot fire at outside of their home  to frighten them.The men shouted out that they were the relatives of the boys who raped your girls and that the Girls destined to be raped as they were unwanted Christians in Muslim lands. The twelve years old younger brother of Sehrish and Farzana attempted his home to see what was happening. The gun men aimed and shot at him several times fortunately he escaped unhurt by taking refuge in their home. 

Later on,the victim family had sought refuge at the local Pastor’s home.Too scared to venture outside fearing for their life Sehrish the victim said “I am too afraid to go back home.This was once my own community but all I have now is bad memories." Shahbaz and his three accomplices had previously been accused of rape by another Christian family in the village the family subsequently compromised on a settlement after being pressured by influential people in the village to drop the case.

Unfortunately the incidents of rape and forced conversions are on the rise.A large number of Christian families have fled or sought asylum fearing for their lives in other countries.

We at LEAD demand from government to give protection to the gang-rape victim family and punish to the alleged rapists.

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