Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Grave Child Abused Tragedy In Kasur and Role of Oppressive Powers

KASUR:  A large child abuse scandal surfaced in Kasur District village Hussain Khanwala in which reportedly 280 boys and girls,most of them less than 14 years old, being sexually molested, abused, threatened and blackmailed including theirs families.When the scandal reached to national and international media, the administration tried to link this scandal to a land dispute between two groups and media was criticized by Government authority because  this scandal shamed Pakistan in the world.

It is indeed unlucky that the sexual abuse of children is quite prevalent in our depraved section of society, where poverty and the criminal mind set work against the less fortunate and weaker individuals and amongst them the most devastated and poverty-stricken section is Christianity in a land where they are considered lowest-caste “untouchable”. The oppressive powers purposefully and with targets oppressed them for their inhuman agendas.

A large number of such cases remained silent due to excessive involvement of oppressive powers and this District Kasur is notorious for political involvement and interference in Police Stations and it is also notorious for religious extremism , religious discrimination and intolerance against Christians.Landgrabing , child labour , bounded labour and street-harassment is on high level.The most victimised are Christians who are most devastated and poverty-stricken section of the society.

Today , a Muslim woman Sakina Bibi along with her daughter Shazia Bibi came to Sardar Mushtaq Gill , Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court , she tolhd that her two daughters namely Nagina and Ramzana disappeared from home on 20 April,2015.She told that one woman namely Sana Bibi called on their phone number and she made us satisfied to return them  us but she demanded five lacs rupees and threatened us to face dire consequences if they will take any legal action against her.She requested for legal assistance and asked for support.

In Kasur District,on June 6, 2013, three Christian women Aryshad Bibi, Sajida Bibi and Saruyia Bibi were beaten and made naked by armed Muslims who entered in their home at night.

Last year ,Shama and Shahzad , the Christian Couple who was burned alive after a false allegation of Blasphemy which was the latest example of mob violence against Christian accused of blasphemy.
Last month,a married Christian mother of three was abducted by a Muslim landlord Muhammad Nazir father of eight children.He got married after converting her to Islam.

A 13-year-old Christian girl was allegedly abducted at middle night on 31 March,2015 by three neighborhood  youths namely Adil,Ijaz and Saghar when she was sleeping in her house three youth entered by climbing the wall and took her out from the house on gunpoint and made her hostage in a nearby house where she was raped by one of them and they took mobile photos.In this due to political involvement,the police converted rape case to attempt of rape ignoring all evidenced material.

In Jaranwala District in Punjab Province ,two Christian girls ,who are real sisters, allegedly gang-raped after kidnap at gunpoint, whilst using forest area as toilet last year on 28 November at evening 6:30 pm. The alleged both accused released from jail after granted bail from trial court Jaranwala because of politician and police involvement which made the case of prosecution weak.

The oppressive powers thus go uncontested and the Human Rights Defenders who stand for justice on behalf of the victims,are also victimized and criticized because of their human rights work.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill , Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court , who heads LEAD , is being victimized of intimidation , life threats , harassment and attacks. He is living under constant fear of attacks but without being demoralized and discouraged doing diligently his human rights work and rescuing victims.

He said that he wanted to see a society where every person should enjoy his fundamental rights which were granted by Universal Declaration of Human Rights and where justice should be prevailed.He further added that the work which he was doing is totally non-violent and legitimate for the victims of human rights violations even then some elements of society are not happy with our human rights work and considering it against the state dignity.

We at LEAD request you all to stand with us in this noble cause for humanity and pray for our safety and fiscal needs.We are thankful for those who support our work because with your support we are doing this work and fighting for justice and rescuing victims.

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