Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Christian man dies during Police torture

Gujranwala: A Christian man dies in police custody after torture.The tortured dead body of one Christian man named Liaquat Masih aged 47, driver by profession was handed over to his family on January 14, 2016, by Gujranwala Cantonment Police station.

Liaquat Masih with his 5 member family was residing in Fattomund village, a suburban area of Gujranwala City and employed as driver with son of Political figure from last 15 years.

There was theft in house of Mohammad Raza Hammed who was employer of Liaquat Masih in month of November 2015, in which some gold ornaments were reportedly stolen in a theft.

Mohammad Raza Hameed is son of Mohammad SA Hameed who is leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI led by Imran Khan and known as very wealthy and influential politician among Muslim elite circles of district Gujranwala.

Mohammad Raza Hameed lodged report against unknown thieves in Gujranwala Cantonment Police Station but later pressured police to arrest his driver Liaquat Masih who was serving him from last 15 years.

It is common trend in Pakistan that Muslim employers in Pakistan in such theft cases point blames on their Christian maids and other Christian servants weather valuable are stolen by their family members or Muslim relatives; The Muslim employers pressure area police to use third degree on Christian employees that real Muslim Steelers among their family members may be covered up. There have been many deaths of Christian maids and Christian servants during police torture in such theft investigation but none of victim ever receives justice.

According to sources, murder of Liaquat Masih during police torture is series of such investigation in which influential Muslim employers demand confession in theft cases in their homes.

Liaquat Masih was detained without evidence and tortured daily in hope that he would yield to the Police and confess to the crime. However, Liaquat continued to uphold his innocence and the torture increased in severity. Finally his weakened and emaciated body (due to poor nourishment in the police cells), gave into the torture and Liaquat died on 13th January 2016. Liaquat leaves behind his wife Rubina (40 years) and four children, Khurram (20 years), Kinza (15 years), Adeel (12 years), and Zarish (9 years). His funeral was held today and hundreds of Christians form Pakistan turned up to share their condolences and show solidarity. 

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender who heads LEAD strongly condemns killing of Liaquat Masih and brutally of the police against Christians.He demands justice for the victim family and also demands to arrest the SHO and Investigation Police officer of Gujranwala Cantonment Police Station and all other nominated and unidentified in the FIR No.32/2016 for killing Christian man.LEAD will stand with victim family and will provide legal assistance for justice.

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