Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pakistani Court order to register case against the abductor of Christian girl

PATTOKI: A Christian girl ,Nabila Bibi, was abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married by a Muslim man. Bashir Masih,Father of the Christian girl, filed a complaint in Police Station but Police refused to register FIR against abductors rather started illegally and unlawfully harassed victim family.

Family of the victim girl approached to Human Rights Defender Sardar Mushtaq Gill,who heads LEAD an organization provides free legal assistance to persecuted,for legal assistance.

LEAD's Lawyers filled  a petition in the court of additional and sessions judge with the powers of ex-officio justice of peace Pattoki for registration a case FIR against the abductors on 27 October,2015,which was accepted on 17 February,3016 after a long inquiry and direction has been issued to SHO-Station house officer to register an FIR against the abductors.

Bashir told that his daughter got life threats and also threats has been extended if she reconvert to Christianity then she would be considered Murtad (Apostate) and she would be deserved death as a punishment.

"It is truth that in such cases of conversion to Islam family gets threats from the criminal and the criminal gives legal cover on his wrongdoing act of abduction and rape and the criminal also keeps an wrong eyes on us because of our support as a Defender for victim family, "said Sardar Mushtaq Gill head of LEAD.

He further added that in such cases if victim families engage a Muslim lawyer then deliberately the issue of forced conversion to Islam be strike out from the episode by the lawyer which make weak the case of whole episode of abduction,forced marriage and forced conversion to Islam.

"Yesterday when I argued the case and raised the main issue of forced conversion to Islam the whole court room became alert and started to stare at me on my this point of forced conversion of Christian girl,Nabila Bibi, to Islam," told Mr.Gill. 

We at LEAD fight for justice for those who are persecuted and we ask you to stand with us for this great cause and for our mission for the assistance of persecuted and for timely needed action for them because we can do nothing without your support.

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