Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Christian disable man brutally tortured and killed

LAHORE: On April 5,2016,a disable Christian father of three Children,Nazir Masih ,50 years old,,who was a property dealer at Wandiala Dayal Shah Sheikhupura ,was attacked by three Muslims,they butchered him like animal and cut his throat and mouth and disfigured his face.On the complaint of victim son Iqbal Masih a case FIR.No. 343/16 under section 302/324 PPC has been registered at Police Station Ferozwala but the alleged murderers have not been arrested.

Reportedly,Nazir Masih had three children two sons and one daughter and was handicapped with one arm. He was a property dealer small scale businessman who was in deal of a land property plot with three influential Muslims, Mohammad Haider, Mohammad Nazar and Mohammad Achy Gujjar ,they met at house of Manzoor Masih in Calvary Park where Nazir Masih with his senior partner Meher Din and alleged murderers  Mohammad Haider, Mohammad Nazar and Mohammad Achy Gujjar entered in argument and they insisted to possess  the plot without clearing balance amount of PKR 2,50,000/- and the both parties dispersed after hot argument.

On the same day,after a few hours at 6; 30 pm, when Nazir Masih went in fields the three alleged murderers followed him secretly attacked at him with knives,those three alleged killers are  butchers by profession and they cut his throat ,mouth and disfigured his face and then slashing his other body parts and chanted slogans “Allaha-hu-Akbar” “we finished infidel”.

One of the relative of the victim family approached to LEAD-Legal Evangelical Association Development an organization provides free legal assistance for justice and Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender,who is head of LEAD, promised for any kind of possible assistance for the family and justice.Mr.Gill also talked with Mr.Khalid Shahzad,a local rights activist,for assurance of LEAD's support for the victim family.

"Christians in Pakistan are at the target of terrorist groups and they are living under constant fear and in such cases they cannot afford to fight for justice",said Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender.

We at LEAD are striving for promotion of justice and freedom of faith and provide advocacy and legal assistance to those who are victims of human rights violations in Pakistan .Our request to our Lord to give us strength and courage to strive for justice on behalf of others who are victims of human rights.  

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