Friday, 22 April 2016

A christian father says his daughter forced to convert to Islam and marry her abductor

KASUR: Today April 22,2016,a Christian father met with Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender who heads LEAD an organization which provides free legal aid and advocacy and he requested for legal assistance in his daughter's case of abduction,forced conversion to Islam and marriage with her abductor.
On April 14 at about 1:30 am,a Christian girl,Laveeza Bibi 23, was abducted by two Muslims men who entered in home of a Christian man Sarwar Masih at midnight and on gunpoint abducted her daughter and threaten his father and mother who were present at home to kill them if they would make noise.

Masih submitted a complaint in local police station against the culprits but the police reluctant to register a case FIR against the abductors on the pretext that the abductee has accepted Islam and married with a Muslim abductor namely Muhammad Talib.

On the request of Local Priest Mr. Saleem Masih,DS Pattoki Church of Pakistan,LEAD has taken this case and will provide legal assistance and advocate against forced conversion to Islam and forced marriage.Now the complaint has been filed at DSP Pattoki for initiation of criminal proceeding against the abductor.

"Within this month at least five Christian girls have been abducted and converted to Islam and married with their abductors in this village from where this girl has been abducted and no legal protection for them in such issues",told Afzal Masih a local resident of village Jodh Singh Chak No.13 where this incident happened.  

LEAD request all Christian groups and organizations to take it serious and stand with us in defense of Christian victim women for their assistance and safety.LEAD is an organization which provides free legal assistance and advocacy to those victims of religious discrimination and sexual and domestic violence who can not afford to bear heavy legal cost of counsels etc.

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