Saturday, 16 April 2016

Rape attempt on 32-year-old a Catholic mother of three

KASUR: A Muslim man namely Sadhu Ali fearlessly entered into  a Catholic Christian's home and foiled a rape attempt on a Catholic mother of three children,Zuhra Bibi, on Wednesday April 13 at about 9 PM  at a brick-kiln situated at village Jaleki,Kasur while she was taking bath. She made a noise and cried loudly which was noticed by the neighbors and their's timely intervention,the nefarious act of rape attempt of the Muslim man was not be successful.  

Subsequently,Sheeda Masih,the husband of the victim woman, submitted a complaint application at local police Station for registration of a criminal case against the culprits but the police official threatened him to withdraw the complaint instead to initiate a criminal proceeding against the culprits.

Today Masih along with her wife reached at LEAD's office for redressal and requested for assistance. Sardar Mushtaq Gill,human rights defender assured LEAD's full support and assistance for the victim family for the sake of justice.
The victim family, along with LEAD and the other Christian residents of the area, protested the incident and demanded the immediate arrest of the alleged culprits.Husband of the victim woman told Mr.Gill that he would commit suicide if the justice would not be provided to them.  

The victim woman was terrified while sitting at LEAD's office because of trauma happened with her and threats extended towards her husband on pistol from the brother of the culprit Qurban Ali who taunted her husband as a 'Chura'. 

"I am not doing work on brick kiln and my children are starving from last three days,"said Sheeda Masih.He further stated that he had requested to Church to pray for his family safety and justice. 

We at LEAD are striving for promotion of justice and freedom of faith and provide advocacy and legal assistance to those who are victims of human rights violations in Pakistan .Our request to our Lord to give us strength and courage to strive for justice on behalf of others who are victims of human rights.  

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