Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Blasphemy charges pinned on a Christian youth, police hooks respondent’ sisters

Gujrat: A Christian youth embroiled in a blasphemy case, the row leaves Christians in the neighborhood in aghast. Nadeem James, resident of Father Colony in Sarai Alamgir, in District Gujrat, found himself caved-in a socio-religious malady after blasphemy accusations were heaped on him. An FIR invoking blasphemy law was registered against Nadeem in Sarai Alamgir police station, which was followed by ferocity in a rut.

After being accused, Nadeem fled however, police booked his two sisters Najma Faryad and Samreen Shahbaz in place of their brother. In the face of horrifying situation, the Christians of the area are deeply distressed anticipating looming mob violence.In anticipation of a tumult, the police cordoned off Father Colony, and heavy contingents of police personnel were deployed in the area to ensure security of Christian residents of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is home to abut 30 Christian families.

The dismayed Christians are calling upon Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to take note of the incident and ensure that the local Muslims sent into a tizzy by the blasphemy accusations are not allowed a free hand to administer an extra-judicial judgment. They are calling for Transparent investigations into the case making sure that no innocent gets pulverized in what becomes a matter of life and death for the respondent, his family and the entire Christian community of his neighborhood.

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