Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Punjab Police has registered a case of hate speech against unknown on Christmas message, under the National Action Plan

LAHORE: Shaan Taseer claim Punjab police register Blasphemy case against him for saying Merry Christmas.

The Punjab Police has registered a case of hate speech against my Christmas message, under the National Action Plan.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not satire. A case under sec 295A (hate speech: acts intended to outrage religious feelings) has been registered by Punjab Police at another Police Station in Lahore; Islam pura.
The Police claim they found a USB outside the Station, opened it and were horrified by a Christmas Message.
They also claim not to know who the person in the video is (wink wink), and have therefore named an unknown person. Presumably, when asked tomorrow, they will claim to have done their job at an arms length basis.
Once again, this is not satire, the Punjab Police has moved into action to protect the public against my Christmas Message.

"It is not any crime to say Merry Christmas but Islamic Extremists are attacking and snatching religious freedom of all other religions and misusing blasphemy laws against those who are supporters of religious freedom and working to promote religious harmony",Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights defender,head of LEAD.

He further stated that in the same way some Islamic Extremists filed complaints in different police stations of Lahore and Punjab against him and other members of LEAD because of our human rights and religious freedom work in Pakistan.
"I request westrn powers to take strong measure to stop misuse of blasphemy laws against religious minorities",he stated.
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