Friday, 14 April 2017

The Issue Of Christian Minor Girls Forcefully Converted To Islam for Marriage After Abduction In Pakistan  and the Endless Cycle of Misogyny

Gujranwala: LEAD was requested for assistance in a case of minor Catholic Christian girl namely Sovera, who was abducted by a Muslim man Muhammad Ijaz Butt with the help of his accomplices Wahab Butt and Naveed Burgaranwala ,and later she was forcbily converted to Islam and married one of her abductors.

The mother of the victim girl namely Rozi Bibi submitted a complaint application in a Police Station Civil Lines District Gujranwala against culprits who abducted her daughter and the FIR No. 241/17 under abduction section 365 B PPC was registered on 6/4/17 after two days of the incident of abduction and the culprits got her converted to Islam very next day of abduction 5/4/17 and forcbily got married after giving her new Muslim name Fatima instead of Sovera.
Now the Police is reluctant to take any legal step against the culprits on the pretext that the victim girl has been converted to Islam and married with one of her abductors.The perpetrators also initiated legal action against the victim family to put pressure for compromise.

"This issue needs to tackled by authorities seriously because these cases are prevalent in Pakistan and culprits put counter pressure on the victim's family to withdraw the charges of abduction and get compromised with the abductors",said Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender and head of LEAD who himself rescued two victims girls last year.

One of LEAD's member in contact with victim family and in struggles to help them to bring their daughter back from the culprits.This issue also becomes sensitive because of conversion to Islam and victim's family pressurized to involve in religious cases if they insist to ask their daughter return to them. 

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