Monday, 2 October 2017

Christian and Hindu minors booked in blasphemy laws

Behawalnagar: It was confirmed by one of LEAD'S coordinators that two minors,sweepers, booked in blasphemy case after allegedly being accused of blasphemy charges by burning sacred pages of Quranic Verses .

An FIR no.1014/2017 was registered on September 28 at Police Station Bunga Dhongha,Behawalnagar, whereas the minors were charged under 295-B etc. Vishal Masih,Christian, and Bhola Ram ,Hindu,are employed as cleaners at Civil Hospital, Dunga,Bhongha,Behawalnagar.

According to contents of the FIR, the alleged blasphemy was committed at the Civil Hospital, Dunga, Bhongha,District Bahawalnagar. The complainant is a Policeman who claims that he received a phone call from a local journalist who informed him that Vishal son of Tariq had burnt government record whilst some pages containing Quranic verses were also among them.

The complainant claims that the incident unfolded on September 27, 2017. After being informed, he arrived at the scene and witnessed a large crowd gathered who detailed the incident to him. He claims that the incident was also brought to the notice of a Doctor of the Civil Hospital who filed a complaint in the police station however, withheld the information about burning of Quranic verses.

Blasphemy laws are very sensitive matter which could take the life of a alleged accused at any spot and for it only allegation is sufficient.Christians remained under constant fear and hide their true Christian faith to avoid blasphemy charges which is in contradiction of Islamic faith and way of life because it could be considered a blasphemy.

"It is strongly urged to the Churches to raise the issue of blasphemy laws and ask the Pakistani authority to repeal them or at least ask them that they can not be applicable on Christians other non-Muslim religious minorities,"Sardar Mushtaq Gill ,HRD lawyer and head of LEAD stated.

He further stated that a number of differences of faith and values are present among religions which can not be considered a blasphemy for opposite faith community.

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