Sunday 16 October 2011

Bishop and Pastor Threatened to be killed due to blasphemy Allegation

Yesterday I received a call from Mr.Pervaiz Shoukat Bhatti Advocate, and I was told that Bishop Pervaiz Joseph was threatened to be involved in blasphemy case by some Muslims and also threatened that he would be killed by Muslims. I contacted with Bishop and he requested that his family was still in previous house but Bishop himself was in safe Place.
After this I contacted with Mr.Liaqat John and requested and directed him to contact with Bishop's family. He contacted with Bishop's wife and asked the whole story. I requested and directed to Mr.Liaqat John to shift the family to safe house.
After that I personally met with Bishop and his family, when I inquired the real problem, Bishop told me that there is another Pastor Baber George, was also threatened by some Muslims Militants, Bishop told me the whole story in this way.
Bishop was doing and still is doing the work on Interfaith Harmony and Peace promotion from last seven years.
During this work he performed many unique activities regarding the promotion of religious harmony among different religions including Islam.
During performing this job, he met with different Religious and political Leaders and discussed many issues regarding the blasphemy laws and its misuse.
I was told by Bishop that there were some Muslims who were also working with him while he was discussing with them about the misuse of blasphemy laws, during exchange of communications, he was blamed that he used some derogatory words/remarks against Holy Prophet and in this way he has committed criminal act because that time with Bishop, there was also his colleague Pastor Baber George, he was also blamed in the same allegation. He also left his house and now with his family, is in safe place.
I was told by Bishop that he never used any derogatory remarks against their Prophet and not his colleague Pastor used any such remarks or words against any Prophet.
I was told by Bishop that actually they are just blackmailing and harassing Bishop for Evangelism Mission which he was doing through Interfaith Harmony and Peace Promotion.
I was also told by Bishop that still he is receiving many threats on Phone calls and threatened to be killed.
Dear brothers we are trying to meet personally to those Muslims so that the possibility of registration of FIR can be avoided to register against them and also contacting to some Political Leaders so that the dangerous atmosphere can be made calm.


  1. This is awful- the blasphemy laws are used to silence anyone they disagree with. Pastor Baber George is a friend of mine. I will be in immediate prayer.

  2. i will also be very glad to help and pray on this matter..God Bless Pastor Baber George and Bishop Pervaiz Joseph.

  3. protection Spiritually mentally and physically, for all my family and loved ones, and all Christians and their family and loved ones, and all people born of the family of Jacob (if they are good non-organized crime type people)and their family and loved ones, and all the redeemable good non- organized criminal type people in the world, also pray for Spiritual protection that satan and fallen angels cant touch any of these and that satan and fallen angels cant even touch the criminals in the earth.pray that satan reveals just how much he hates the organized criminals to them so they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this being is real,and that they know exactly what it really wants to do to them, and what will surely happen if they do not change course. pray that GOD does not let satan do anything to them, but that he is forced to show them just how much evil he wants to do to them and that they truly truly truly understand the helpless state a man is in after they die, & change