Friday, 9 December 2011

The Muslims Pressurized The Christians After Registering The Case Against The Muslim Man Who Attempted Rape With Christian Girl

This is very common in Pakistan that after taking any legal action against Muslims, when some Muslim commits some illegal act against Christian,the Christians are made pressurize for compromise with the Muslim culprits.

On dated 13 November 2011,a Christian girl was raped and tortured by Muslim man Mr.Asim residence of Chak 4 Jago Wala,Pattoki,district Kasur.LEAD took action against the culprit and on dated 14 November 2011,registered FIR against The Muslim man,FIR No 765/11 Police Station City ,Pattoki under Section 376,511 PPC,which is not compoundable and not bailable offence.

Today LEAD's president Mr.Mushtaq Gill was told by the brother(also Complainant of FIR) of Christian girl that after increasing pressure of Local Muslims ,they made compromise with the culprit and forgave him.

It is very sad that instead of present of law and judicial system in Pakistan,Christians are made compelled to forgive powerful Muslim instead of committing serious offence against Christian.
LEAD condemns such practice which is being done beyond the court and demands justice on equal basis.

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