Saturday, 22 December 2012

Second Incident of 2012 "Quran desecration" Muslim mob burned dead body after killing

In Pakistan ,the province of Sindh,in the area of Dadu,Police say a man the alleged desecration of the Qur'an a mob murder after sprayed gasoline on his body and burned.
Dadu SSP Usman Ghani told the BBC that the incident occurred in the village, district Dadu area of ​​Sita and according to him ,he was told the night between Thursday and Friday at half past three o'clock in the mosque   that a man alleged desecration of the Qur'an in the mosque and is incendiary.After the incident,  the accused handed over the police
Time dawn sunlight the news was spread throughout the region and a large crowd attacked the police station and snatched police weapons and took away the accused from police lock up
 According to SSP accused of mob dragged the body a kilometer square, where a dead body was set on fire by petrol splashed.
Police did not identify the person who died.Estimated that the man was  forty-two years old and he was talking in Seraiki,Police suspect that the accused was not mentally stable.
The helplessness of the local police, led by SSP Dadu heavy deployment of police arrived in the area.
The thirty people have been arrested,according to SSP has also identified some suspects.
Sita Village police station SHO was suspended, including six police officers and a case of negligence has been registered against them and has been taken into police custody.
 Police registered FIR against unidentified accused under blasphemy law on the complaint of Imam Masjid and the other FIR also has been registered against the five hundred Muslim mob attack on police station and murder.

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