Friday, 17 April 2015

Firing at Catholic St.Franciscan High School three injured

LAHORE: Today,armed men opened fire on a missionary institution St. Franciscan High School in Behar colony Lahore. One student and two security guards were injured and have now been hospitalized. Panic revolved in the school as gunmen fired.

Unidentified gunmen began firing and as the guards on duty outside the school intercepted, they were caught in the firing and got injured . The students of the school have been directed to leave the school premises.The investigation is underway to find out the main reason of attack. The Churches and Christian institutions already have warned about security threat from hardliners.
Behar Colony is the second largest Christian residential area in Lahore and Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan. 

Two days ago Nouman Masih a 14 years old young Christian boy lost the battle of life in Mayo Hospital Lahore. He was set on fire by unknown men after inquiring about his Christian faith.

On 1 st April,brother of human rights defender Mr.Mr. Sardar Mushtaq Gill head of LEAD miraculously survived after being attacked and shot by a Muslim man at his lower back .The perpetrators have not yet been arrested and the police refused to give security.Mr.Gill has got life threats due to his legitimate and non-violent human rights work constantly from last a few years and his life is at risk as well as his family's ,instead of life's threats,he is wholeheartedly determined to stand in the support of victims of violence and to raise his voice against the violation of human rights in Pakistan.

Christian School of Pakistan has yet again become the target of uncalled for violence after the last month on 24 March, 2015 when two masked motorcyclists opened fire on policemen guarding St. Peter’s Catholic Church and High School in the Girja Chowk area of Township, Lahore in the result of that firing two passersby were injured.

These firings incidents come after the two churches were attacked by the suicide bombers in Youhanabad, the largest Christian locality in Pakistan.

In the church attacks, a young Akash Bashir who was on duty as a voluntary security guard outside the church, had lost his life in attempting to stop the suicide bomber from entering the Church. In that attack 21 people lost their lives. 

After happening the incident of lynching two suspects, Government started crackdown against Christians including activists and arrested a number of Christians from Youhanabad and surrounding areas.

The Christian minority,the poverty-stricken community, in Pakistan constantly to be marginalized and victimized of such violence.The extremism is the main reason of violence against religious minorities.It is the need of time to eradicate religious extremism and discrimination from the society for peaceful atmosphere where justice should have to be prevailed and rule of law should be implemented.The religious minorities should be given equal rights and should be treated equally before law.

Our request for you all first pray and then to stand in our support and raise your voice for religious liberty which is being made more worsened and against the religious extremism and terrorism.Our work for justice will be more strengthening with your practical support.

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