Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A terrified Christian girl in search of Justice and Assistance

KASUR: A terrified Christian girl, Perwasha, 7 years old student class one and her mother, reached Farzana Imran,Woman Human Rights Defender and women rights Director at LEAD for justice and assistance.
She told that the Muslim family forcibly stopped her on her way home from school and took her their home,before beating her and stripping her naked, leaving her clothes,school uniform,in the garbage to burn.

In line with details,Parwasha’s maternal uncle, Iftikhar Masih, was dating a Muslim girl named Samina,and they wished inter-religious marriage which infuriated the Muslim girl’s family. They decided to take revenge by dishonoring his niece ,Perwasha,as they felt Samina had been dishonored by Iftikhar,a Christian man.
Yasmeen mother of Perwasha told that after this inhumane happening with her daughter,she was released by them and ran home and told her mother.She expressed in tears that they appealed to the village landlords for help.After refusal,the family then went to the local police station, but were informed that the Muslim family had already filed a complaint against the Christian family for shaming Iftikhar’s Muslim girlfriend, Samina. The police then arrested two male members of the Christian family later they were released on bail after the compromise was forced that the Christian family no more would live in the village.

Allah Rakhi maternal grand mother of Perwasha told that they were being forced to leave the village and the whole village socially boycotted the Christian family because of their Christian faith.She told that there was no male member in their home because of life threats were continuously being extended towards the Christian family.She further stated that it seemed there is only way for them to leave the village if they would wish to save their lives and honor of her daughters.

Yasmeen appealed in tears for assistance and asked for rescue her family from village to some other safe place.She further told that no Church or any organization had yet assisted them except legal and moral support.We can leave village but not faith.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Human Rights Defender who heads LEAD said that in Pakistan,if a Christian man develops his relations with someone Muslim girl for dating or marraige,his life and his family's life become in danger by the Muslim family and he has no more right to live in the locality because of Muslim majority.

We at LEAD provide free legal assistance and advocacy to those victims of religious discrimination and violence who can not afford to bear heavy legal cost of counsels and it is only possible with your support and our request to support our work for such poor victims. We are grateful for those who are praying for us and financially supporting our work and rescue mission.

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