1. Religious Liberty and freedom.
  2. No Blasphemy or Apostasy Laws and repeal these laws.
  3. Freedom of thought,freedom to exercise religious beliefsfreedom of speech and expression.
  4. Freedom of religion/religious liberty to express and teach to respect and tolerance of other faith. 
  5. No slavery,women rights should be respected. 
  6. End of bonded,forced and Child labor. 
  7. No religious or sectarian discrimination and violence. 
  8. No persecution religious, economic or political. 
  9. Secular state for all religions. 
  10. End of poverty and uplift of poor  and marginalized.
  11. Promote Natural Justice and Rule of law.
  12. No forced conversion,forced marriages and no abduction of women.
  13. To promote Human Rights and Values by adopting and Implementing UN Human Rights Declaration


  1. Good morning,

    I'm so shocked since yesterday when I've read the barbaric news about Muqadas, I'm very worried about Christian women situation in Pakistan and all over the world....

  2. don't let yourself be shocked but do something, pray and inform your friends.. and trust in God

  3. please spread the news of this petition that requests the United Nations to establish and international sanctuary program for persecuted Christians. https://www.change.org/petitions/support-international-sanctuary-for-persecuted-christians