Lead's Activities:

  • Provide free Legal aid and advocacy. 
  • Raise the issue of blasphemy,apostasy and other discriminatory laws. 
  • Courts Representation of falsely Victims of blasphemy laws,exploitation of minorities by land  grabbing etc and making them falsely involve in criminal and civil litigation and sexual abused women. 
  • To raise the issue of discriminatory laws and discriminatory Articles of THE CONSTITUTION through Courts and by advocacy. 
  • To arrange seminars and conferences on interfaith harmony and for its promotion. 
  • To promote religious tolerance by arranging seminars and conferences etc and take steps to promote peace. 
  • To invite Speakers of different faith for emphasizing interfaith harmony through dialogues etc. 
  • To promote to  hate tyrants and to love the oppressed by delivering lectures by different Human Rights workshops and Campaigns. 
  • To campaign for women rights and rights of bonded laborers. 
  • To educate the students and teachers for tolerance of difference of faith and view  of others by arranging seminars and workshops in schools and educational institutions. 
  • To approach courts and authorities for the implementation on Article 18 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Payment of court fee, process fees and all other charges payable or incurred in connection with any legal proceedings etc. 
  • Engaging Advocate/lawyer in a legal proceedings  
  • Obtaining and supply of certified copies of orders and other documents in legal proceedings.
  • Preparation of appeal, paper book including printing and translation of documents in legal proceedings.Free representation of victims through Courts.
    The protection and promotion of the right to freedom of religion and belief constitute the core work of LEAD.To educate and teach and to create awareness of this precious right. The main problem of Pakistan is Religious Intolerance and discrimination which affect religious minorities and create feeling of insecurity of life and property among them.