Monday, 14 November 2011

Christian Girl is Raped and beaten By Muslim Man.

Prayer Request for Pakistani Persecuted.

A Christian Girl name Sonia Bibi was raped and tortured by Muslims when she was going to work.
On 14 November 2011,a Christian was raped by some Muslims men when she was going to work.Some Muslims notorious persons often teased and tortured a Christian girl name Sonia bibi Chak No.4 Jago Wala,Tehsil Pattoki District Kasur.
Some local Christians men and women and boys came to All Saints Church's Priest D.S. Rev.Saleem Gill and requested to help them .Priest called to LEAD's team and LEAD's team reached there,and

wrote an application against Muslims accused and submitted application to D.S.P.Pattoki Circle for Legal proceeding.D.S.P Pattoki marked application to City Police station Pattoki to registere FIR against the Accused Muslims.

LEAD's President prayed for the affected families and all Christians of that village and make them satisfied that LEAD always ready to help persecuted Christians.LEAD will also support the family and give them free legal services.It is very sad to say that persecution in Pakistan is increasing and going high day by day.


  1. Thank God for the Lead My Dear Brother Mushtaq gill you are doing Great work for the Lord and his suffering people of Pakistan Keep it up and one day Lord will Reward You our Prayers with You God bless you

  2. Thanks brother,LEAD will help and support to persecuted.LEAD is working for the uplift of poor Christians of Pakistan.God bless You too.

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