Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Christian Old Age also worried about the future of Christian youth.

Christians are native of Pakistan and living in this land from their forefathers.Mostly Muslims are migrated and a large number of Muslims were migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition,but now they claim that Pakistan is only their country and Christians are given right to live in this land due to their courtesy.

Two old men Mr.Suleman Sandhu and Mr.Akbar Masih came to LEAD's office and met with Missionary Pastor Mushtaq Gill,President/National Director LEAD,and told that they are living in the village of Guman Key from more than 20 generations and they were buried their forefathers in the nearby graveyard,but now Muslims who came in the village at the time of partition claim that the graveyard is the only ownership of Muslims,the Christians arrange  for their burial of dead any other place instead of this common graveyard.
Christian Old Age worried about their new generation. 
They were very up set and worried about their children how they would spend their lives"they told".Actually Muslims are intolerant and they do not like the people of other religions where they are in majority and power.Same they are doing in Pakistan.They have made their mind and they have mind set that Pakistan is only for Islam and Muslims.
LEAD's Concern for Poor Pakistani Christians.
LEAD is a advocacy group and struggling for the rights of Christians in Pakistan and fighting for their basic rights for living in this world.In every field of life they are ignored and discriminated by Muslims.
We request you all to support LEAD for the victory of our fight for religious liberty in Pakistan.Thank you for your active faith, and thank you for your continued support of our work

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