Saturday, 18 August 2012

Is it not forced conversion?Christian forcibly converted to Islam.

Pakistan is an Islamic state and Islam is state religion.In Islam Muslim man is allowed to get married with girl of any other religion but Muslim girl or woman is not allowed to get married with man possessing other religion than Islam,if some one wants to get married with Muslim girl ,it is binding on him first to accept Islam and then marry otherwise death becomes his fate.
Read this stamp paper carefully and think about it,is it not forced conversion? 
In these days the discussion on forcibly conversion of non-Muslim 's girls is on top priority and media is making aware the state what is going on against Pakistan and different debaters say that it is propaganda against Pakistan.We have questions regarding this said stamp paper in which one Christian boy is bond to accept Islam and also it is binding on him not leave Islam and his Muslim wife.
Is it religious liberty?Is it not forcibly conversion?Is it not discrimination?Do we have equal rights?Are we safe in Pakistan?..........
These are all questions which this young man ask from our political and religious leaders.
We demand a secular state because all the problems and hardships, which minority communities are facing ,is due to  religious state.We demand respect for all religions such as for Islam.We demand freedom of religion and faith.
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