Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Under Pakistan Army's nose Murdan Church set on fire.

The Christian Community of Pakistan is under terror of Protestors of Blasphemous film produced in USA,to many places the protestors tried to make attack on Churches and Christians and on their houses but due to Police's timely taking action many became safe, but unluckily one Church in  Mardan (North Western part of Pakistan), a mob of at least 8000 Muslims set a church on fire as a part of country-wide protests against the anti-Islam film (“Innocence of Muslims”).
In Bhai Pheru the mob started and tried to attack on Church but due to intervention of  police ,they were made stop. 
The Christian community staged a demonstration near the burnt church and said that the police had failed to protect their worship place when angry protestors set the church on fire along with two Pastor houses and the adjacent head-teacher’s house.
The incident is particularly shameful because groups of Christians in the previous week made common cause with Muslims in various cities of Pakistan demonstrating against the anti-Islam video.
The Christian community of Mardan, on Saturday, demanded reconstruction of the Paul Lutheran Church which was burnt down by angry mob during the anti-Islam film demonstrations in the cantonment area on Friday.
 The Christians Community is under threats and fear of being persecuted in Pakistan and specially the routine misuse of blasphemy laws against minorities of Pakistan.
We are fearful because there are many cases of blasphemy which can be dangerous in results due to present agitation of disputed film.


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