Thursday, 4 October 2012

A wake up call to our generation By David Taylor

so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.(Romans 12:5)

We are accountable for the freedom we have and the priorities we set during our lifetime. 
Millions of people are enslaved by an ideology which is so vicious and deceptive that they will kill anyone who questions it. 

From media reports you may have heard about the protests throughout the Muslim world during the past few weeks. 

In July a film entitled "The Innocence of Muslims" produced by an Egyptian Coptic ("Christian") who lives in California  was posted in the internet. As news of the film began to spread protests were arranged in many countries. In Pakistan, the Minister of Transport offered a $100'000 to anyone who kills the film's producer. The Government declared a public holiday to protest and 'love' the prophet. The balance - two churches burnt in Karachi and many innocent people were killed. 

I asked a Muslim friend and politician in Pakistan about the heart of Islam. What does it always produce such violent and aggressive responses. The response was typical: "It is America's fault and the people who do these things are not Muslims because Islam forbids such killings". So what killings does Islam allow? And indeed which killings does it encourage? As I began to ask these questions I realized that I have never taken the time to understand the foundations of Islam itself. 

Besides capitalism, Islam is the most significant political force in the world today and most of us don't have a clue what it is really based on. 
None of us have much time to study such a complex and opaque system and so we defer to the opinions of the media. 

I passionately believe that the Power of the Gospel of Jesus is hope for the nations and so my focus is on knowing my God and carrying his presence into the darkest places, but as Muslims call for new international laws that would forbid any criticism of their religion, it is time for us to understand the ideology that they actually want to protect. 

I attach two excellent resources from the Centre for the Study of Political Islam which will help you to obtain an accurate understanding of the foundational pillars of Islam based on source texts with a small investment of time. 

Please share this call to understanding and truth. 

David Taylor 
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LEAD is very thankful for this article of our brother David Taylor from Switzerland.

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