Sunday, 2 December 2012

Accused of Quran burning was died under the police custody and Hindu Temple destroyed by land grabber

(Nankana Sahab Warburton ) On 22 November 2012 Mr.Nadeem 22 years old was accused of Quran burning resident of  Mohala Usmani Khoo Nankana Sahab ,was died under the custody of Police at Police Station Warburton.
Mr.Nadeem was accused by locality and arrested by City Police Station Nankana Sahab but due to security apprehension on Islami Month of Muharam Al Haram was handed over to Warburton Police satation,where he was died on yesterday.
According to some Muslims Ulmas, Ameer of Almi Majlas Tahafiz Khatam-E-Nobuvat Haji Abdul Hameed Rehmni and Member of Peace Commitee Alama Muhab Ali Tahir alegation of Quran burning was not proved against him.
Mr.Nadeem's father Mr.Yousaf told that his son was abnormal and mentally upset ,he told he was not willing to take any legal action against any one.DPO Nanakan Ghulam Mubashar Macan told according to intial investigation ,Mr.Nadeem was died his natural death.
The presure and terror on blasphemy accused be doubled and the situation becomes intense when such incidence happened,nobody knows the reality what are the factors behind such incidence"told" LEAD Cheif and President PCC Lahore Advocate Sardar Mushtaq M.Gill.
(Karachi). On 1st December some land grabber entered the Temple Mandir in area of Dholi Khata near Holy Family Hospital Karachi and desroyed the Temple and took away some golden articles from Temple.
According to Hindu Community the land graber did blasphemy act and they also should be tried in court under blasphemy laws.
The violation of minority rights is on peak and the influential persons always looking to grab the land of poor community and fear of insecurity remain in the hearts of minorities of Pakistan.

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