Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Family of Pakistani Christian threatened and terrorised after one of them marries a Muslim Girl

Punjab:Maria accepted Jesus Christ and got married Emanuel Masih,they have beautiful one year old daughter Yarusha Emmanuel.They are living very peacefully from last 4 years not disclosing their marriage and the conversion of Maria to their respective families.The doubt was started when the girl did not come back to home and her younger sister disclosed her marriage with Christian man and conversion who knew from very first day of marriage while staying with them in same rented house in Lahore.
"I am told that my family making threats to my husband's father to bring them back and handover to my family",told Maria.
"My father is very upset and warned me that they will kill you if they find you",told Emmanuel.
"We both requested to many our friends and Pastors to give us shelter but yet not given by any one",said Maria.
"I have strong faith in Jesus and have no fear of being killed for faith rather it will be my proud ,but I have only concerned for our little kid",told Maria.
we are facing many difficulties and hurdles because of Muslim extremist group's threats,we have changed our residence many times ,we have shifted from one place to another even in the last week we have changed the location of residence but now we are tired.we have no guarantee of our lives,"shared both husband and wife".
On dated 28 August 2012, we went to NADRA REGISTRATION CENTRE PECO ROAD TOWNSHIP, LAHORE, and got token Nos.9 &11 for amendment in National Identity Cards because we needed and required the Birth Certificate (B Form) of our Child and amendment in the record of NADRA of our marital status and Change of religion from Islam to Christianity (For Me).When I presented before Officer of Computer operator of record Of NADRA, she put many questions regarding my Christian marriage certificate and change of religion from Islam to Christianity. She scolded me and used many abusing words and warned me that it would never be happened to change the column of religion from Islam to Christianity. I requested her to give me the form without changing the column, she said OK.She shared and told about me with her other colleagues, they also warned me the same. She also instructed to Form Giving Officer to hold my form until and unless her permission. They also threatened my husband of dire consequences of our marriage and my conversion from Islam to Christianity. We both my husband and me, ran away from NADRA OFFICE for the safety of our lives,"told Maria".
Please pray for us and support us for the safety of my family’s lives, if it will be possible to support us morally and financially.We are starving and in hiding here and there for our lives,"told Maria to LEAD's Director".
The hate campaign started a few months ago when the Muslim family of girl started enquiry about the marriage of their daughter and her conversion from Islam to Christianity, who no longer lives with her family and has little contact with her family.It revealed how she has married a Christian, goes to church and is expecting her second child with her husband while it is forbidden in Islam,told Ghulam Masih 58 years old father of Christian man who is still living in the native village of weds  with his other children.
Mr. Masih says he has received numerous threats and dire consequences if he does not handover girl to the Muslims."I and my family member have no any connection with them and do not know whereabouts the couple",he said to Muslims of her village and to girl's family.
Family members of a Muslim woman who married a Christian here have threatened to kidnap the groom’s sisters and kill the weds and other relatives, "told the Christian family members to Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill.
These two families have appealed to LEAD to help them and provide the safety to their lives.
The couple after marrying, is forced to live in hiding, Muslim society condemns their marriage and conversion, according to Islam"is punishable by death."The State must defend them, or it will soon disappear," Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill".
"The Constitution Of Pakistan,which is supreme law of land,allows to profess and to accept any religion or faith and there is no any restriction in law to get married with Christian ,Hindu ,Sikh or any other religion even then Muslim society do not accept Marriage of Muslim girl with any other religion including Christianity .There are many examples in which weds must had to give and to loss their lives",Gill.

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