Sunday, 28 April 2013

Another Attack On Pakistani Christians On Trivial Dispute

Multan:(LEAD) One Another Christian community in Pakistan was attacked by a mob on 26th April 2013, it was happened in a village near Khanewal.A similar situation recently was created in Bedami Bagh, Lahore, where Christian families were forced to leave their homes after an angry Muslims mob threatened to burn it down and Christians houses were burned down and property was destroyed in Joseph Colony ,Lahore.The case of Joseph Colony is being contested by Pakistani Christian Lawyers which is still pending in The Terrorist Court of Lahore.

A second attack against Pakistani Christians was undertaken on April 3, 2013, where Christians of Francis Abad, Gujranwala were attacked.Within the period of 48 days, its third goings attack on Pakistani Christians.
According to LEAD sources,it was informed about the an armed uprising situation of Christians in the village Chack No. 31/10-R Essa Pur, District Khanewal. A Christian man Samuel Masih was seriously injured as he was fired at by gun in his neck. A Muslim man Mohammad Yousaf was also died at the spot some other persons  Mohammad Iqbal,and a few Christians were also seriously injured and they were takenk to the District Hospital Katcha Khoo by Police Officials. 
Back Ground of The Village:
The village Chack no. 31/10-R Essa Pur was populated with only Christian residents at the time of Pakistan came into being and they were Christians land lords in the village.They are still landlords and working in fields and cultivating the crops in all seasons.A Few Christians left to the cities and some other places after they got education for their work and business.Some of them had sold  out their lands to the Muslims and some Muslims sometimes have also barged in their lands. At the moment there are round about 60 Christian families living among Muslims.
Back Ground of this attack:
LEAD sources informed that there was a dispute among Mohammad Yousaf and Samuel Masih in the morning of April 26, 2013. They both are farmers and have Piece of lands where they cultivate crops. Now it is wheat season and the crop is ready to cut. Samuel Masih wanted to cut his wheat and Mohammad Yousaf wished that his thresher would be used on rent by Samuel too, but Samuel Masih took some other’s thresher. On this trivial issue they both had a severe dispute; someone informed police by call on 15 and the Police Officials from the local Police Station Katcha Kho intervened and advised the both parties for compromise and the matter was resolved for the time being.
Attack on Christians:
On the same day of 26 April,2013 in the  evening about more than 40 armed Muslims attacked on Christians in their village,they suddenly opened fire on Christians and Samuel Masih got bullet in his neck and was seriously injured. When other Christians came to know this attack they also brought out their weapons and started firing in the defense and Mohammad Yousaf got bullet and died at the spot while Mohammad Iqbal was also seriously injured and there were a few other Christians and Muslims who were injured and the injured shifted to the District Hospital Katcha Kho by the local police who arrived on time at the spot.
When Muslims came to know that Mohammad Yousaf had died at the spot they became furious and started firing on the Christians houses and they threatened to burn the houses of Christians same as in  Badami Bagh Lahore. Keeping in view the previous attcks,therefore a number of police and Rangers officials were reached at the spot to save the Christians of the village.DPO Multan and Khanewal police cooperated with Christians and provided them full security,they have seized the village.Police has advised Christians to vacant thier houses for avoiding to happen any unpleasant incident and also advised them to shift women, children and men to the safe place as there are threats from Muslims to burn Christian’s houses.
FIR has been registered against the culprits in the local police station, Kacha Khooh, Khanewal.One another FIR bearing No 127/13 under section 302 PPC is registered against Albert s/o Nathaniel, Samuel s/o Albert, Amir s/o David, and Asif s/o Emmanuel.More than 20 persons has been arrested from both sides.
It is very necessary to mention that on 06 February,1997 the same kind of incident happened in Shanti Nagar where Muslims extremists burnt down around about 850 Christian houses and demolished the whole village including 13 churches of different denominations.The village Chack No. 31/10-R Essa Pur is bordering the Village Shanti Nagar.
LEAD strongly condemns this attack on the Christian village and demands security for all Christians in Pakistan from the state.In many cases personal rivalry turns into religious violence and fear of insecurity in the minds of religious minorities increasing day by day,added Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill,Chief of LEAD.

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