Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bedami Bagh incident is the test case for Pakistani Christian Lawyers and LEAD

LAHORE:(LEAD) The Badami Bagh tragedy occurred on March 9 2013 when an enraged mob torched dozens of Christians' houses in Lahore following allegations of blasphemy against a Christian man.
CLAP-Christian Lawyers Association Of Pakistan,is the unique body of all Pakistani Christian Lawyers who is providing voluntarily its legal services in the case of Bedami Bagh incident under the supervision of Mr.Ijaz Farhat Advocate High Court and President of CLAP along with other Christians Lawyers particularly Mr.Adnan Shamim Bhatti,Mr.Eric John,Mr.Kashif Alexander Rajpoot and Sardar Mushtaq Gill National Director LEAD.
In the FIR No 114/13,many Muslims attackers have been arrested and still are being arrested and nominated in the said case.The arrested and nominated accused have filled bail petitions in the Anti-terrorism Court of Lahore in which some were granted bail and some bail petitions were dismissed.When leading counsel in FIR No 114/13 Mr.Ijaz Farhat contesting the bail petitions of accused there was hot arguments between Mr.Farhat and accused counsels.Mr.Farhat was threatened and warned by the counsels of accused persons by saying these words,"they have made to stop to take any action against Christians in this case otherwise there are many Muslims organisations which are ready to take actions against Christians and now all the affectee are compensated so no need to punish any one in this case" .These words were said in the court and before the court.Mr.Farhat replied these words by saying," do not make us compelled to take armed,and do not consider us coward,we do not fear of any attack".The court interfered and cooled down the situation between Christians Lawyers and Muslim Lawyers of the accused.
In the Badami Bagh case, however, certain disturbing facts have come to light, which indicate that it was something more serious than just a fight between drunk friends and more facts are coming to surface while this case is being contested by Christian Lawyers. 
Now this case has become test case for Christian Lawyers and as well as for LEAD.
LEAD is a Christian relief,development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with Children,families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.As followers of Jesus,we are motivated by God's grace and love to serve all people regardless of race,religion gender or ethnicity. 

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